Chapter 1: The Big Booms

I live in a boring old house, in a boring old town, I go to a boring old private school, and I have boring old oodles of cash. All I do for fun is watch TV, play video games, and sometimes have some friends over. I felt like it was a boring old never ending cycle. But all of this changed one Saturday afternoon at Friendlys.

Me and my friends, Bobby, Sam, Rob, Joseph, and William had just finished gorging ourselves at a discount meal Friendlys. As usual I had "forgot" my money, so I wasn't paying. Once we were about to leave, Bobby noticed a toy grabber machine near the exit.

The others had plenty of spare money, so we decided to try it. A half hour later, we had won each won our own stuffed toy. I had fifty cents left, the ones Sam lent me, and it was my last try. I was looking for something to grab, and I noticed something strange in the corner, it looked like a pin sticking out of something. I just had to have it. I placed the claw over it and pressed the button. The claw dropped and grabbed the pin. Strangely the pin came out, and a loud high pitched ringing started.

"It's a grenade, and a big one!" screamed Bobby.

"Run!" I yelled as we ran through the doors. William, being very clumsy, tripped over his

shoelaces and didn't get up in time to run away. Once Bobby, Sam, Rob, Joseph, and I were at a safe distance from the grenade, we turned around just in time to see the restaurant store go up in flames.

"Oh my god, how did one grenade do all this!?" exclaimed Joseph, who was in shock.

"Who would do such a thing, it destroyed the toy grabber machine!" yelled Sam.

"Umm... Sam?" asked Bobby.

"Ya, what?" answered Sam.

"You know that the grenade killed William and destroyed our favorite Friendlys."

"Ya, whatever, I all care about is the toy grabber machine!" said Sam as he started to tear.

"Ummmmm...O.K." said Bobby.


When we got back to my house, we called William's parents and told them that he died, and that we were very sorry. But, they didn't care much. We were even invited to the "William is Gone" party. There was one thing that I regretted the most out of all of the this. It was the fact that the toy I won was destroyed in the explosion. But the fact that William died actually cheered me up, because I found his toy in the rubble. We went to William's funeral, it was his remains being thrown into a dumpster.

When all of this was behind us, we wondered where to hang out now. Eventually we decided to hang out at a close by seven-eleven. A few months later, in the middle of the summer, we were buying some ice cold slurpees there, when a guy wearing a ski mask came in and pointed a shotgun at the cashiers head.

"Gimme all yo' slurpees!" the robber commanded.

"O.K." replied the cashier as he stuffed slurpee slush into the robbers bag. When the sack was full of melting slush, the robber took out a big grenade, just like the one in the toy grabber machine, and threw it.

"Run!" screamed Random Person #1.

We all started sprinting towards the door, this time, Sam tripped over some spilled slurpee and didn't make it out in time. When Bobby, Rob, Joseph, and I made it out of the store we turned around to see our new hang-out go up in flames just like the Friendlys.

"This is too weird guys, first the Friendlys, and now the Seven-Eleven!" I said.

"Ya, do you think someone's trying to kill us?" asked Rob.

"Nah." said Bobby.

When we got home and told Sam's parents about their sons death, they , unlike Williams parents, were devastated and buried him with a huge gravestone in a private cemetery. We were sad because we wanted there to be a party.

"Now we need another new hangout." I said the next day.


A/N: In case your wondering what these characters look like, here's a character description.

Eric (me) - Average pre-teen with dark brown hair, a navy blue shirt, and jean shorts.

Bobby - Average Pre-teen with light brown hair, a white T-shirt, and beige shorts.

Rob - Average Teen with brown hair, a red shirt, and jeans.

Sam - Tall Pre-teen with dirty blonde hair, a sky blue shirt, and blue pants.

Joseph - Average Pre-teen with brown hair, cameo shirt with matching pants.

William - Average Asian Pre-teen with black hair, a blue shirt, and beige pants.

Robber – Average robber with all black clothes, and a ski mask.