Chapter 16: DNE EHT (Spell it Backwards Genius)

Bobby and I walked into my room as if nothing had happened. We sat down, and I pressed the 'ON' button on my 'X-Treme Gaming Polygonal Hexagon'. I handed him a controller and we started playing "Super Mario 6.4 x 10 ³³".

MANY hours later, after intense gaming, the phone rang, I went and picked it up. A few minutes later, I hung up the phone, sat back down next to Bobby, and took a long, drawn-out, sigh.

"What's the matter?" Bobby asked, he put the game on pause and put the controller down, "Who was on the phone?"

"I just got word from the boss…" I said sorroly…

"The Writer?"

"Yep…" I stood up, "We need to end 'Why Not to Have a Pin Fetish I'…," I paused to fart, "And we need a death to end it…"

"Let's get the robbers opinion in this," Bobby opened my window, "HEY ROBBER!"

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door, I opened it and in came…. THE ROBBBBB… Justin Timberlake, who was quickly shot by Bobby.

"I'll try that one more time," Bobby, once again, opened the window, "HEY ROBBER!!!!!!!!!"

The closet door opened and out came… MICHAEL JACKSOOOO…. The Robber, "Whatcha need guys?" He asked.

"We need to end the first part of the story now, and we need to do it with someone dead." I explained.

We all thought very deeply without ANY distractions… except for eight hours of playing the 'X-Treme Gaming Polygonal Hexagon'… Many hours later, the robber stood up, "I've got it!"

"What's your ide…" before I could finish my question the robber ran out of the room, with a grin across his face.

A few minutes later, the voice of the writer periced through the sky, "Robber! DROP the BATTERING RAM!"

"Not this time buddy…" the robber said as he chuckled. He burst through the Writer's door…

"Robber! You don't know what your messing with!" I yelled as load as I could. But it was too late, there was a gunshot… and a thud.

"He's dead." Said a voice from the sky. Was it the Robber's? Or was it the Writer's?


A/N: There you have it folks, the end of 'Why Not to Have a Pin Fetish'…

Yes, it's a Cliff-Hanger LIVE WITH IT.

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