Avatar: A temporary manifestation or aspect of a continuing entity (the fact of existence).



Kari ("Puff of wind") Ras ("loved/desired")

Phoenix ("Dark red") Hawthorne

Lilith ("Night demon/Ghost") Ambrosia ("Ever living")

Vampires, Clans, and Clan Leaders:

Peruvian: Aris ("The Best")

African: Negasi ("He will wear a crown")

French: Rainier ("Counsel Power")

Great Britain (London): Garrick ("Spear rule")

Japanese: Yasahiro ("Serene")

Russian: Rasikia ("Russian queen")


When the world was created, we were born. We were not part of the Higher God's plan. We just came into existence. What are we? We are avatar.

For centuries we fought blood suckers, which are also known as vampires. We have thinned out our own kind. We have searched for love, only few have found it.

Death has evaded us, for we are immortal. Only our true love can set us free by killing us. However, that rarely happens.

We dread one of our own. Her name is Lilith Ambrosia. She is vile, cruel, and has terrorized us, vampires, and humans alike. The say she is a demon avatar from hell, but we don't know for sure.

We have wonderful abilities. We can travel in time, be reincarnated at our own will, and we hate falling in love. Or do we?

For centuries the world has been at war. Not just vampires and us, but also humans against humans.