Well, my first attempt to make a story by the way and I think it wouldn't be possible without sleeplessblue's help, because of her suggestions and time to check my grammar, I wanna thank her.


Born to be Reborn.

This is a story that happened in a little village that was named Snow Flowers, because, even in winter, its flowers bloomed with beautiful petals like shelters to warm themselves up.

The village people had a saying that if a person gave a snow flower to their lover, they would love the one who gave it to them forever.

A young man walked towards the heart of the forest near the village.

The sun faded behind the clouds in the sky, turning them orange-colored. It would be a nice afternoon.

The young man sat under the shadows of a tree.

With a pencil and notebook, he started to-- Wait.. He couldn't draw anything because he didn't have inspiration. He thought that if he went to the forest, he would find something to draw, but the mountains, the caves, the sleeping rabbits, and the bears fishing in the river, were things that he already drew. And to an artist, the repetition was forbidden.

The young man sighed in resignation. Suddenly, a red drop fell on his right hand, staining it. It slipped onto the notebook, as if it was a tear. A blue thing hit the ground. The young man took the thing in his hands, and realized that it was a bluebird that had been wounded by an arrow.

Making up his mind, he carried it to his home, where he left it on his bed. He drew the arrow out of its wounded wing to save its life.

Dark blood spilled from the wound; his hands looked like they were stained by crimson oil. There weren't bandages, so he had to make scraps of the tablecloth. He was concentrating so much on bandaging the wounded wing that he didn't notice the glass vase falling down from the table and breaking, replete with palettes and paints, mixed together.

The bleeding stopped bit by bit. The young man wasn't sure if he did a good job. He just covered the wounded wing with the pieces of tablecloth. The only thing he was sure of was that the bluebird, that now slept peacefully, would wake up different.

The pieces of glass were like icicles on the floor. He got pierced by a shard, and a drop of blood appeared on his thumb.

The young man smiled bitterly and cleaned the sticky blood from his hands with a paper, on which the sketch of a dragonfly was drawn.

The bloodstain made it appear as if the dragonfly flew above a crimson sky.

At night, a messenger knocked on the young man's door to deliver him an invitation from the mayor of the village.

The invitation was for the birthday party of Paulina, who was the daughter of the mayor. She would be eighteen-years-old at midnight.

The young man wasn't sure he should go to the party because he had nothing to give her. But he couldn't help but fall in love with her big eyes, with her sweet voice, with her golden hair, with her elegant manners, with Paulina.

There was a line of people who wanted to wish her a "Happy Birthday."

The young man felt his heart shrink when he noticed all the guests were bringing her pretty gifts, except him.

Disheartened, the young man returned home.

He was angry with himself for being a poor amateur painter with no chance to get his perfection, his Paulina.

He started to destroy his paintings.. cried like a defenseless child, and fell on his knees.

"If you don't stop crying, I'll cry too"

The young man dried his tears before looking at the young girl seated on his bed. She wasn't very handsome, but she had one blue wing on her back that made her charming.

"I'm sorry that you destroyed your paintings. They were good," the young girl spoke softly, almost imperceptibly. She rested her head on the window, watching the starless, nocturnal sky

"My name is rosalía, and you?"

"Fredric," answered the young man, who was a bit disturbed.

He approached her. It was like a dream, but he couldn't confirm the reality because he was afraid of touching her.

"It's for you." Rosalía gave him a blue plume from her wing "Thank you for saving me." She turned into a bluebird again.

Incredulously, Fredric watched the blue plume turn into a piece of gold!

The next day, Fredric, still skeptical, went to buy a lovely satin dress. Afterward, he went to the park, where Paulina was drinking tea with her friends.

Secretly, Paulina was hurt by the slight from Fredric at her birthday party. So when he appeared in front of her, she just ignored him.

"Good day, I've brought you a gift for your birthday," spoke Fredric, as he bowed.

"It was yesterday," replied Paulina, as she played with her straw hat.

"I know."

"Why did you go to my party without greeting me? We're friends- I was expecting you." Paulina tried to sound angry, but it was impossible. She was such cute girl.

Finally she accepted the gift from Fredric.

Full of joy, Fredric returned home. Paulina would have breakfast with him tomorrow, but he needed money...

"What's going on?" questioned the young girl, who had only one blue wing.

"How did you get in?" Suddenly, Fredric realized that there was a stranger-a seventeen-year-old girl

"You brought me here."

"Are you still here?" Fredric faced her.

"Winter will come soon. I have no place to go... at the moment."

Even though Rosalía was in front of him, Fredric felt as if he were talking with the wind because she was simply surreal.

"You gave me a magical plume yesterday."

"Every feather of my wing can turn into a jewel," she explained, as she gave him another plume.

With the other plume that turned into another piece of gold, Fredric took Paulina to the best restaurant in the village. While they ate bread with strawberry marmalade, she told him about her cousin giving her a diamond necklace. Jealous, Fredric returned home, where Rosalía was picking up his destroyed paintings.

"Can you give me more plumes?" he asked her shyly.

She nodded and pulled some of her plumes out.

Fredric was happy when those plumes turned into pearls because he could make a pearl necklace for Paulina.

Fredric and Paulina had met in the park five years ago. He was trying to sell his paintings, but bad luck loved him. It started to rain, the paintings got damaged, but Paulina bought them anyway. It wasn't out of pity. She just thought his paintings were still pretty.

Since that rainy day, Fredric and Paulina became close friends, but her parents and other friends didn't approve of their relationship.

"I need feathers to make a ruby crown for Paulina," said Fredric, without shame.

"Of course... well, on one condition."


"That you and me... let's take a walk in the forest," Rosalía demanded.

"Tomorrow. Tonight I'm going to ask Paulina to marry me."


In a bad mood, Fredric agreed to take a walk with Rosalía in the forest.

They watched the reflection of the sunset on the lake. Rosalía made a little boat out of paper and put it on the water.

"Do you want to make a wish?" asked the girl as she brushed her light red hair.

"My wish already came true. I'm with Paulina." Fredric's answer didn't sound honest.

"Ah, you must love her a lot," Rosalía whispered, "I guess"

"What are you saying?"

"You love her, don't you?"

"What is... love?" the black-haired man wondered, then bit his lower lip.

Rosalía knotted her eyebrows. She noticed some sadness in his look.

"Can you stop looking at me like I have a scribble on my face?"

"I wasn't looking at you!" Rosalía blushed harder because of... anger.

Yes, anger. She tried to be nice, but Fredric was being too cold toward her.

"I'm sorry," the twenty-year-old man said.


"No, my problem is you didn't listen to what I said." Fredric felt stupid. Instead of asking her for forgiveness, he was inciting her anger.

"I was just thinking you have nice eyes, and that you're handsome... but you're so impolite."

"Wait!" Fredric ran to reach the red-haired girl.

"Oh!" Something had hit the side of Rosalía's head. "I've never seen a butterfly like this!"

"Don't you know what it is?"

Rosalía shrugged.

Fredric couldn't help laughing.

Feeling embarrassed, Rosalía walked away again.

"Don't get mad at me."

"What is it?" The girl was completely curious.

"It's a kite shaped like a butterfly."

"Before you said it wasn't a butterfly."

"Not a real one." Well, Fredric wasn't a good teacher, so he decided to show her.

"It's flying!" Rosalía's mouth dropped open.

Snowflakes came dancing down from the heavens.

A hug is the exchange of warmth, joy, affection, support... love?


when Fredric held Rosalía tightly, did she feel cold, loneliness? The brilliance of her wing began to extinguish.

Paulina said "yes" when he asked her to marry him. Bliss was loving Fredric, but he still felt something missing in his chest.

Rosalía was seated in front of the fireplace. The fire was as weak as her un-granted wish... her wish wasn't powerful enough to be granted.

She waited for Fredric, who was out with Paulina. "I hate that name Paulina if my name weren't Rosalía, could he feel something for me?" It was a question with no sense.

Fredric arrived home when the firewood finished burning up.

"How was your day?" Rosalía asked.

"Great, Paulina and me skated on ice at the park," The black-haired man said, excitedly, "I need money to buy a house to live with Paulina and our future children."

Feathers fell at his feet.

Fredric ran towards the mayor's house, where Paulina was waiting for him.

"I've bought a house for us!"

"I'm not going to marry you," said Paulina quietly.

"Why did you change your mind?" Fredric lowered his head feeling disconcerted .

She didn't answer, instead she gave her future ex-betrothed a box.

In the box, there were dresses, jewels... all the expensive gifts that Fredric had given her.

"You've given me a thousand gifts, but your love-- you can't give it to me."

Paulina was his perfection, but perfection doesn't really exist, so, Fredric let her go.

The most pretty snow flowers bloomed in the coldest winter, but snow flowers will melt. They can't bloom forever like the love of...

The young girl who had one blue wing wanted to know, "Why did you save my life?"

"I don't know," said the young man, holding out his hand to her.

She climbed the forest's mountain in order to return to herself.

"A bird with one wing can't fly anymore. Can I fly?"

The young girl, who had one blue wing, resisted grasping his hand. She closed her eyes, extended her arms, and jumped into the abyss.

The young man used his heart, like a brush, to paint a certain blue bird that he couldn't remember.

His weak point was to quickly forget things left behind. Or maybe it was a strong point because if such memories of happiness or sadness are kept, the heart would be less easily realize its true wishes.

Snow slowly erased the footsteps in the path towards the forest.

It was a dream...

When you get up,

look at the wide sky...

Your love is flying freely into it.

No wish can come true completely.

Have you ever heard the story about

a young girl who had one blue wing?

The winter arrived too soon. She saw the snow falling onto a dead bluebird.

"Why do you cry?" asked the boy, who picked a flower blooming between the snow.

"My pet died. I must let it go free," said the girl, who didn't take the flower but his hand.

The snow flower that he offered to her fell beside the bluebird.

"My name is Sally."

"I'm Fred... we've met before, haven't we?"

Your fingers were like brushes,

drawing the secrets of your love

on the canvas of my body.

"I dunno, but nice to meet you."

Who is she?

There was an unfinished painting...

"Colorful ribbons adorn the curly hair

that frames the round face

as if it were a world full of enigmas to decipher

the arched eyebrows like the rainbow after it rained

the expressive eyes like a dictionary able to read souls

the slender nose like the moon's profile

she was... "

...behind the vase with snow flowers

She was born to be reborn

Her name is Rosalía, which means

"wreath for ancient tombs"

She was born to be left

in the deep forest,

where fairies, at midnight, danced for her.

When Rosalía was six years,

with paper, she made a boat,

putting it on the lake of wishes.

An earthen body,

black threads sewed on the head,

eyes like a pure mirror

the son of the earth-mother

fell in love with Rosalía

the son of the earth-mother stole

the young girl who had one blue wing.

The silver cage painted in his heart

was made for her.

"The Poisoned Apple," "The Princess in the Tower,"

"The Giant Dragon," "The Brave Prince"...

Every night, he told a story to charm her

But when there were no more stories to tell,

her wing turned into blue ashes.

Rosalía could never get to know

a typical love story about

a girl who was born to be loved

and a boy who was born to love.

The son of the earth-mother

threw his precious possession into the lake

Rosalía's boat sank with his last wish.

I've never known the winter

I think it would be pretty,

when snow falls, covering

the garden of my heart

a spring that looked everlasting

until the flowers petals stripped off.

I'd like to meet her

There's a part of her that's mine

There's a part of him that's yours.

I'm knocking on your door

A stranger lets me in

Perhaps you are you,

but you don't look like you

Then you aren't you anymore.

You reach your hand out,

as I try to grasp it tightly.

In autumn, I get a flashback

When I was afraid, walking in circles,

I climbed a tree. At the top, I saw

the world so wide. My wish was to travel

in search of my half-wing.

I pick the rest of those stories up

Their warmth defrosts the garden

Summer will come soon

I could go to the lake.

Rosalía will let love lead her way

The son of the earth-mother will reach out his hand

One blue wing will fade. In a new paper boat,

they will start an endless journey,

navigating in true love.

You reach your hand out

In this time, I grasp it tightly.