My life I cut off

My like is dead

Deader the dead

So some put it

They say

I am worthless

They say

I only know




I guess they

Are right

When the

Blade is

Resting its cool

Metallic edge on

My wrist so

Greedily trying to claim

My life.

For the first time in


I am ready to show

My true colors,


The color of blood

The deeper I go in

The more the world

Leaves me

Much more then it

Had already

Now I don't really

Care what other

People think

I will be dead

And in an eternal


With the people

Who I love

Which had Death's

greedy fingers had taken.

She will take mine

And I wont give a damn

And don't care

I am gone.

Or at least

I thought

I was