"The Imminent Collapse of June"

The night followed her home.
the stars slid through a crack under the door,
and wove their way through her hair,
twinkling forlornly everywhere she went.
The night followed her home.

The darkness followed her down the sidewalk
a cloud of no-light that scattered shadows everywhere,
and blotted out the brightness of the sun.
The trees bowed with fear before her footsteps,
The Darkness following her down every lane.

At night she made friends with the rainclouds,
but lit bright fires to keep them at bay.
By the sea, on the sands of an abandoned beach,
she held court with summer storms,
and the rains followed her into town.

In the dusky breathless dawn of morning,
she left the night to its withering and decay,
as the stars rolled back under the waters of a blue sky,
and the moon quit its wild songs for the sun's cheery voice,
The day drew her back and the sun brought her home.