"Drowning July"

The waves are up to my knees now,
and I'm writing you a song with my last breath.
It's all water out to the horizon,
a sinking boat and a water logged guitar,
Somber out of tune music drifts over the quiet sea.

The ocean waits patiently for my voice to fill the air.
All is deathly still as the water floods in.
So silent I can hear the rasp of air in my lungs,
The last signal flare has been launched,
the hurricane has robbed me of a life raft.

So I wait here on deck to drown,
but I'm not afraid to die,
and I'm not afraid of the silence
I'm more afraid for you.
The waves are up to my shoulders now.

The boat falls away, and this guitar is all that floats.
My voice falls away, devoured by the overwhelming calm,
The sky falls away, the water covers my eyes
All sound falls away, no funeral dirge accompanying me to the deep.
My breath falls away, but I do not think of you,
I only hear the silence, only think of the darkness.