"A War of Oceans"

The tide pulls at my feet,
Stars shine above as I stand before the sea,
water stretches on forever before me,
I'm getting soaked but don't even notice,
I could drown and not even know,
I've fallen fast asleep.

All these slow motion dreams,
just drift by endlessly as I wonder without you,
Every dream lures me into deeper sleep,
I think I'm afraid to wake up,
because I don't know if you'll be there when I do.

City lights glow like fallen stars,
I'm just drifting from one nightmare to the next,
switching trains at every stop,
sleepwalking to evade these crying alarms,
sleeptalking only to whisper your name.

The clock tries to wake me,
and the sun tries to warm me
but I'm numb in my endless sleep
and your song is only loud to the waking ear.

Out to the beach I've crept,
to fight this war of oceans,
The strength and war of your power,
combating this vast sea of dark slumber,
A tarry ocean of black filth,
Head on with your sunlit beauty
and all I can do is open my eyes,
for the first time open my eyes...