I, hurt, depressed

Oh not me considering

The fact that

I might start cutting again

One of my "friends" is telling

Me how much she hates


She is also saying

About how

I am loosing

Not her as a friend

But Katy as well

But I ask myself

Why I am worrying

I never really liked


I never really

Thought them as friends

I, hurt, depressed

On not me


That my parents are

Jumping down my throat

Right and left

One of my very old friends

Is hating me

and now

what do I do?


I don't really care


I personally

Don't care what they think.

Why I am I fretting

over them,

as pebbly as they are?

I am me.

I can do anything.


really me,

hurt, depressed.

I don't really know

how that is considered.