the lucky ones

remember that time?
we met up late in the night, guided
by downtown's blazing light. we couldn't
tell the good luck from the bad. in my new
Chinatown clothes I thought that was alright

(you don't know the words, you can sing along anyway)
self-proclaimed artists that live on white lies
and shocking non-sequiters to keep you occupied
careful of the colours on your face when you drive
it's not safe here to stop for the lights and the signs

concrete asphalt jungle sand
cold on feet, hard on hands
running running still too slow
still, i can't get the rhythm
(no choice in the matter, but a million ways to be wrong anyway)

all these strangers
your best friends
i've never met you
i miss you
i've never met you
watching the ceiling spin

missing numbers rain dance
in manhattan or
downtown vancouver
if we had some water
everything would be better
tell us our year
tell us our war

defend yourself with tasteful designs