Thats all we can do anymore isn't it? What other way would you deal with it?

The politics are ever closing in on world damnation. The media is more concerned with whatever the hell

celebrities are wearing than whatever the hell we're dieing from.

Because we are, slowly we're killing everything. I'm not saying I'm heartless, its true.

We build on top of our earth, she cries in pain. But we turn a deaf ear.

People are killed in war, but we change the channel.

Blood runs freely in our streets.

How do we resist?

We laugh

The late night shows make jokes about people in war, they laugh at whats wrong with the world.

It makes me wonder.

Did God see this coming?

Or does she just have a sense of humor.

Will life always be like this?

Or will it get worse,

"Ha ha, I just dropped a bucket of rocks on my foot, oh its so funny. hahah"

Well I sure hope so, that bucket really did hurt.

Maybe I am heartless