Okay hi im trying 2 type normally so forgive me if im not doin it rite. I relize im not the best writer but I want to improve u kno? So im trying a story not poetry. NO FLAMES!!! Dedicated to u Tim!

Her hart was melted like a diamond. They say diamonds don't melt and they don't but that's why it was imperishable and hard and it was broken on the floar around her. Serenity Moonfire smiled at teh shards of diamond-glass at her feet that's what its like to be broken-harted. It means we love it.

Serenity new her life was hard and thats what killed her inside every day every hour. Her daddy liked to beet her when she was little and her mommy died when she was two. Left with her daddy in there little shack in Beverly Hills with Daddy and Grandma Hailey-Jaeyde and her cousin Bertha it was a home of rejects and pain but Serenity had learned to deal with it. Sometimes she thought of her mommy ded in her grave with worms on her fase and it made her sad.

Serenity's dad Kesar Moonfire said her mom was pretty and there was a picture on his dresser that showed it. Gaoelie Moonfire was pretty with hair the color of crimsen blood and eyes the color of a algae-infestid swimming pool and her body was thin and slender and her eyes shone bright even in the dusty picture. 'she luvs you Serenity' said her dad 'she always said so even before the cancer ate her brain and made her beet u.'

Tha t diddnt mater at least not now tough. Serenity missed mommy and she missed alot of things lyk her hart, her virgin hart thatd been splattered on the floar like when you drop ur Dr. Pepper in the Burger King and you rele want to drink it but you can't cuz its on the floar and dirty and with germs and u cant get a free refill. U need to pay the price.

The truth was that Serenity was in a lot of pain. Maybe I shud end it she thought when she cut her rists watching her life leak out on too the dirt floar of her shack. My blood is the Dr. Pepper and I am the paper cup all left alone and calling out for my yummi contents.

Just wen she was abut to die Serenity saw a bright wite light "no!" a voice called "this is not your time?" serentity couldn't say anything she was near ded but the voice spoke again "you are the chosen one this is not the end!!!"

And then every thing went black.