Where she stands

Shara entered the school with her usual sardonic smirk on her face. It was a look the school had come accustomed to ever since she had moved there the year before. She had made a name for her self. The school saw her as different, different in a bad way. She was hopelessly sarcastic, unusually mean, stunningly beautiful, and too much for most people to handle, she was also openly a lesbian.

She was the thorn in the teacher's side. She pushed them as close to the edge as possible without pushing them over. It seemed her goal in life was to walk the line, and she did so better than anyone thought possible.

This would be her second year in this town's local high school, she intended to ensure that her reputation held strong. Shara was not one to openly cause trouble, but she never backed away from conflict.

Her long black hair swished with her confident walk, and her deep blue eyes peered around the hallways unabashedly. Most people looked away the moment they saw her coming, not daring to make eye contact with the most intimidating person in the school.

'So predictable.' She thought to her self. 'Not a daring soul among them.' She walked to her new locker memorizing the combination, and when she got there she opened it easily.

"Excuse me." Said a small but sure voice behind her.

Shara turned around and found her self staring in to a pair of deep brown eyes. There was a smaller but beautiful girl standing behind her. She had blonde hair, a slim face and the most beautiful brown eyes Shara had ever seen. She wore simple khaki pants, and a light blue shirt, she also had a sliver cross necklace on.

"For you, I will excuse anything, Hun." Shara said in a teasing voice.

The girl smiled softly, but the smile didn't reach her eyes. "I think I am your locker partner this year."

Shara grinned. "First time we meet, and you already want to be my partner eh?"

The girl raised an eyebrow, and tilted her head.

"Merely teasing." Shara said with an even bigger grin "What's your name?"

"Mary Marie. You can call me either." The girl said shortly. "And I would love nothing more than to be your partner." She said with a small smirk, the glee still didn't touch her eyes.

Shara grinned. Here was someone who dared tease her back. She figured that Mary was probably straight, but it was still fun to tease the straight girls.

"This is the first time I have seen you." Shara said.

"This is the first time I have been here." Marie said. "I just barely moved here. My father is a bishop at the local church."

Shara grunted. "Religious family enh?"

Maria nodded. "Very. The lord is my shepherd." She said with only a hint of sarcasm.

"So you must be one of those good girls who never gets in trouble?"

Mary grinned, this time a small bit of light entered her eye. "Basically, does that mean you are done socializing with me?"

Shara smirked. "You're the one at risk of being corrupted. Most religious people refuse to be around the wicked ones like myself."

Marie smiled. "I always found that odd myself, Jesus, after all spent most of his time with the sinners. Perhaps you are at risk, of becoming a saint."

"Are you calling me a sinner then?"

"As long as I get to be Jesus." Mary said with more than a hint of sarcasm.

Shara laughed hard. Mary was proving to be more than interesting. She had a quick humor, an easy smile, and beautiful eyes.

"What's your schedule like". Maybe we have some classes together.

They compared schedules. It turned out that they had gym, chemistry and lunch together. "So," Shara said with a sigh, "Am I allowed to talk, and sit with you in class, or would that ruin your image?"

Mary grinned. "I am not like other people. If you weren't going to sit by me, I was going to sit by you."

Shara sighed again. "I am the school weirdo, if you sit by me, you will surely get a label as some kind of demon spawn."

"I don't care." Mary said.

Shara looked into her eyes, and could only see truth. The girl honestly didn't mind at all if she got labeled.

Shara shrugged. "Alright, I'll see you in third period then. Maybe we can go to lunch."

"I'll definitely see you in third, but I have bible study on Monday's at lunch time."

Shara snorted. "Bible study?"

"Yep, you can come along if you want."

Shara snorted again. "No thank you. I'll see you in third though."

Shara walked away feeling the girl's eyes on her until she finally turned the corner.

Shara couldn't really pay attention during her first two classes, History, and English. She kept wondering why the daughter of the bishop would want to be her friend. Or, why the girl kept teasing her, some would even call it flirting.

Shara shrugged it off. Usually when she met someone like Mary, she immediately made a goal to corrupt them, but if Mary was willing to take her as she was, she would do Mary the same favor. She also wondered how long Mary's uncaring behavior would last. How long could Mary not care about the labels she would be given.

The first two periods seemed to take forever, and finally it was time for her third period. She entered the gym with her usual arrogant saunter. She spied Mary talking to a small girl with red hair. She approached the two of them.

"How's it going." She asked the two of them.

The red head squeaked and fled at the sight of her.

Mary smirked, as she watched the girl flee. "And there she goes."

Shara mimicked Mary's smirk. "So, what were you two talking about?"

"Oh, Holly was reminding me about bible study. She also told me that I shouldn't be hanging out with you."

Shara's eyebrows rose. Mary seemed to notice because she said, "I'm not going to lie to you, you ask me a question and there will be no sugar coating."

Shara laughed. "So what are you doing still talking to me? You're upsetting your righteous friends."

"I told you, I don't care."

The girls engaged in small talk until the bell rang. The teacher, Mr. Adams entered. He gave them the usual gym class lecture, and told them to go choose lockers and to get dressed.

Shara headed towards her usual isle that she always had all to her self. She walked to the furthest locker and took out her gym cloths and her lock.

"Why this isle?" Mary asked

Shara looked up suddenly she hadn't realized Mary was following her. "You probably shouldn't be on my isle Mary."

"I thought we established that I don't care about your image, or my image."

Shara made a decision. Mary had been honest with her, and Shara had never hidden what she was. She was a little ashamed that she had wanted to, but was actually starting to like Mary. Getting rejected by all the people in the school she didn't like, hurt a little, being rejected by someone she did like would be devastating, but a friendship couldn't be real without honesty.

"Oh, it's not necessarily the image. It's just that I am a lesbian."

Shara waited for Mary's reaction. There was a small flicker of something Shara couldn't quite gauge, then Mary blinked and it was gone.

Mary shook her head. "So I have been told. I am glad you were honest though."

And with that Mary chose a locker and started to change into her gym clothes.

Shara was surprised at Mary's reaction and it took her a second to realize that Mary was beginning to change her cloths. She got a small glimpse of Marie's stomach before she blushing turned away.

It only took a few moments for Mary to change her clothes. She stood a pace away waiting for Shara. Shara could feel her eyes on her and so she looked up. Mary's brown eyes met hers, and they stared for a moment.

Shara was asking silently in her mind why Mary was watching her, and it seemed as though Mary was asking her why she had a problem with it. Shara shrugged and tugged off her shirt.

Shara had never been self conscious before. She knew that she had an excellent body, the perfect amount of muscle tone to make her lithe but not buff. Shara had been fighting and running ever since she was little, and it contributed to her physique. But standing there with Mary's eyes on her made her wish she had a little better body, perhaps she should have gone tanning, she knew her skin was porcelain white, maybe Mary liked tan girls, except she probably didn't like girls at all.

They finished and silently left the locker room together. Shara took that time to examine Mary who was now in black shorts and a gray shirt. Marie seemed to have perfectly toned legs, Shara noticed that Mary was much tanner then her.

Mary turned to her and grinned. "Like what you see?"

Shara sighed. "Naw your too tan for me."

"Oh so you would rather me be pasty white like you?" Mary said teasingly.

"Yep, I am practically perfect in every way." Shara said arrogantly.

Mary snorted. "Well if me being tan is so offensive, perhaps you should stop staring at my legs."

"Merely wondering how your legs got so toned." Shara said easily.

"Its called exercise, soccer to be exact, but then you looked pretty toned yourself."

"How would you know, Mormon girls don't check out other girls."

Mary blushed slightly as she laughed. "Point to you."

Shara grinned but wished Mary had answered the question. Was Mary checking her out, and if so why.

They ran their miles in gym, bantering playfully, and soon realized they were both in about the same amount of shape having ran two, eight minute miles in stride.

They finished the period and Shara soon realized that having Mary dressing on the same isle as her was going to be torture. She longed to look over, just to look, but for some reason felt like that would have been a trespass on their new friendship, so she stared determinedly ahead.

Their chemistry class was rather uneventful, they passed notes back and forth, full of playful laughter, but nothing that answered Shara's questions about Mary. She just wanted to know where Mary stood.