We spill secrets onto paper, putting out stars with whispers of breath "There's just too much light" you say, I believe you and smile, (No one can see their shadows in the dark.)

You predict your own demise in the reflection of his eyes, (oh it will happen)

-& I hang myself on another broken glance.

Your body's a map and already i find myself lost.Sprawled with names and place to go, covered in track marks, dead ends and worn out pathways you whisper of tears like they never existed (like you never knew oh too well, you were always a different kind of creature s p l i t open and b/r/o/k/e/n in two by people like these, you, me)

"This is a different kind of living" you recite. A different kind of Life.

& now in a change of scene you are the prophet as you tighten your fingers around your neck, as I try to kiss you free, to buy you a new way to redemption. (We're both broken to pieces but they just-wont-fit-together)

"only in this world" you laugh, paper cuts and sharp edges

"only in this world, does tragedy mean love"


& I swear it rained down stars

a/n I'm still caught on your edges, waiting for someone else to break me