This is my first attempt at fiction in a long time! I hope you will enjoy it! The characters in this story are of my own creation, any copyrighted products mentioned at any time are owned by their respected companies and are not my own.

"Why must we leave so early, Jamie?" Sasha grumbled though the open window of the passenger seat of my car.

I turned my attention away from the gas pump where I swiped my credit card and raised an eyebrow, "Didn't I just explain this to you last week?"

She shrugged a shoulder, "You may very well have. I've slept since then. But I still don't see the point of being up at 7 a.m."

I sighed at my friend's lack of memory and began to fill my car with more-than-expensive gasoline.

"Did Shelly say she was going to hitch a ride with Daniel?" I asked once the tank was filled and screwed on the cap.

Sasha nodded, "She's riding with him. They said they would meet us at Braden's house." I put my credit card back into my wallet and pulled out a ten dollar bill.

"Go grab some snacks and drinks for the road. I want a Diet Coke with lime." Sasha saluted and jogged into the station.

She not only came back with a bag of drinks and snacks, but the latest issue of Cosmo and some scratchers tickets. Placing the bag at her feet she handed me the change.

I gave her a look, letting her know that she would pay me back for the extra items.

Sasha replied with a toothy grin and I rolled my eyes, turning the key to rev the ponies under the hood.

We set off for Braden's house, the trip's starting point. Us, along with a bunch of our friends decided that we needed a vacation after a hard year at college.

It was the middle of June, and we were all caravanning to Braden's family's lake house until the week after the fourth of July.

Three weeks of sun, friends, and swimming was just the prescription.

I was staring up at a red light while Sasha flipped through my CD collection when she suddenly asked, "So do you think being around Braden so long will be awkward?"

My heart began to pound at the thought of my ex-boyfriend.

"I don't know Sash, I mean it's been half a year since we broke up. I'm willing to be adult about it." I gave her a smirk despite myself.

Driving to the suburbs of the city, my mind began to reminisce on memories of us.

Before I knew it, I snapped out of my mental fog and realized that I was turning into the long gravel driveway of Braden's house.

I silently scolded myself for letting that happen and parked behind Daniel's car, our best friend Shelly's boyfriend.

Everybody was standing in the driveway chatting as Sasha and I walked up.

"Good morning," I said cheerily, anxious to get the vacation started.

I looked at everybody's faces and saw that somebody was missing.

"Where's Shelly?"

Daniel grinned, "In the car asleep, the cheater."

"No fair! If she's sleeping so am I." Sasha protested beside me. My eye roll was covered by my sunglasses.

I caught Braden glancing at me and my breath caught in my throat.

"Did everyone go potty?" Pete, Braden's best friend and Sasha's crush asked in a disturbingly high pitched voice.

Sasha giggled, almost a little too hard, at his attempt to play the mom of the group.

Pete smiled proudly at his joke and winked at Sasha, causing her to blush.

I almost vomited on the spot.

"Can we leave now?" Daniel asked, catching my urge to be reunited with last night's dinner.

"Yeah we better get started," Braden said looking down at his watch. "The drive will take us about an hour and a half, and there shouldn't be much traffic since we're starting so early."

I nudged Sasha in the side to let her know that was the reasoning for our journey's early start.

"Everybody should keep their cell phone's on in case somebody needs to make a pit stop. About 5 miles from the lake house is a little town called Lakeside.

"We'll stop there to get our refrigerated goods for today, that way we'll have room tomorrow for groceries for the rest of the week."

I couldn't help but imagine him with a whistle around his neck the way he was taking charge. It made me feel like I was at camp all over again.

"Are we ready?" He asked, then locked eyes with me. Even though he had sunglasses on, I could feel his piercing blue eyes on me.

We separated into our three vehicles, Braden and Pete riding together.

"This is so exciting!" Sasha squealed. "Did you see Pete winking at me?"

"That was a wink? I thought he just had a twitch." I teased, following Daniel's car out of the driveway and onto the road.

"Says the bitter one." Sasha replied, pulling out her magazine.

"I'm not bitter."

"Of course you are, I saw the way Braden was looking at you. He wants you back."

"Okay Swami, how in the world did you come up with that conclusion?"

"I just know."

"Fine, but how does that make me bitter?"

"Because now you're going to struggle with your emotions and conclude whether another shot with him is going to be right."

I snorted, "This is ridiculous. He does not want me back, okay? Just get the idea out of your head right now."

"Oh don't worry, I will. But now you won't be able to." She grinned evilly and turned back to her 'Red Hot Read'.

Damn, how the hell did she get to know me so well?

About 45 minutes into our trip, the chorus of Fall Out Boy's "Thnks Fr Th Mmrs" erupted from my jacket pocket. Sasha looked at me with a smirk and a raised eyebrow.

I flipped the phone open and put it to my ear without needing to look on the display.

"Hello?" I tried to keep my voice as calm as possible.

"Hey Jamsie, how you doin'?" Braden tried to do his best Joey Tribbiani imitation.

"Hey Bray, we're just peachy. How's the weather up there?" I joked, spying his car a couple of car lengths ahead of us.

His chuckle caused a warm sensation to spill over my body. "Bright and getting warmer."

"It seems like we're making for good time. I just saw a sign saying Lakeview's only another 30 miles." What a boring conversation starter there Jamie, I thought to myself.

"Yeah I guess it's because it's a bunch of 20 year olds driving instead of my 52 year old dad." I giggled quietly.

"Anyway, I was calling because Pete and I were taking a poll to see what everybody wanted to eat for today."

"Well, depends on what meals we're talking about."

"Like a mid-morning snack, lunch, and dinner. Oh, and uh…I was kind of hoping you could make a batch of your killer brownies for dessert."

I smirked, the boy could never resist my brownies. I stopped thinking suddenly, did that sound wrong? I shook my head at my lack of maturity and answered.

"Well, for snack we can have something light like fruit and toast. Then for lunch we could do something easy like hot dogs and side dishes. For dinner I guess I'll volunteer to make something like spaghetti and garlic bread."

I heard him make a quiet moaning noise, "That sounds awesome Jamsie. I do love your cooking." I blushed.

"Thanks Bray." I said quietly. Sasha looked at me as though trying to read my thoughts.

There was an odd silence between us for a few moments before he suddenly said, "Pete wants to talk to Sasha."

I rolled my eyes, did I have a barf bag available?

I handed Sasha the phone, telling her Pete wanted to talk. Her eyes bulged in shock but quickly put it to her ear.

I turned my attention back to my driving, trying not to let the conversation with Braden distract me.

I wouldn't let him become a distraction. I just wouldn't.

Because if I did, then this was going to become a very long vacation.