In The Woods

I've been thinking lately what'd it be like to run free. To run free as ones spirit could be in this what seems like an everlasting time warp. To just slide out through the sink hole and watch as the wind whistles past and be able to actually feel it on your skin. To feel the metallic cling of blades locked in neverending dances, new routines constantly. And maybe just maybe I'd feel at ease, be one with all that is natural. And the sack of grain wouldn't be so easy, nay. There'd be no sack or no grain, just the wilderberries and the refreshing fish, in the cool, icy water. Like a glacier, thousand years old. Ready to fall with the slightest of disturbances and yet people wonder why we are in awe? It lies dormant like the bear in the cave in the winter and then suddenly strikes with the ferocity of the fast paced cheetah. It comes crashing down, you're over your head, wondering if you're dead, and yet the ironic part is. There's true beauty in it. Thats what the world misses these days is true natural beauty. None of the fake stuff. The beauty of our voices and our choices, of a calm day, and the roaring raging river. The sweet smell of a strawberry plant on a summers day. All that pure bliss could drown out even the most melachonious of tunes. Now tell me wouldn't you like to go in to the woods?