Proto Legend

Author's Note: This is my first story on here, but not my first story overall. Its an original, not something I do very often but am quite proud of now that I read it over. Make sure to review, or my World Killing god Whale shall eat you.


Chapter One: The New Girl

Deep within a burning apartment building, a shriek was heard.

"Mommy!" Yelled the young boy, coughing between each shout. Eventually, his throat was too sore from the screaming and ash to say anymore. He tried crawling out the nearby door, only for a piece of debris to fall on top of his leg. It was burning at the end, and was slowly inching toward his leg.

He tried screaming again, but it only came out as a meek little squeak. He cried silently as another piece of debris fell next to him, howling with flames. The smoke caught in his lungs made him cough violently as he cried, trying to get his leg out of the now smoldered debris, his leg burnt nearly to a crisp.

He couldn't even feel the pain anymore. His vision blurred, and he passed out… But not before seeing a figure walking through the flames.

…:Seven years later:…

The bell rang, signifying the end of the day. Duel packed his books into his bag, and pushed his bangs out of his face. Slinging his bag over his shoulder he got up and out of the classroom, to walk back 'home'. Just another damned foster family that will give him up after awhile.

Duel Katskil. An orphan with an odd name, and feminine appearance. He wasn't popular, and had no REAL friends. Some pitied him and others…. Well, he wasn't popular. Even his foster family wasn't very fond of him. His 'parents' were almost always away, and his 'brother', enjoyed picking on him when they weren't there, and when they were, acted like an angel.

He's been with them four months and was sick of it already. He gave them another week before he ransacked the house so they sent him back. The orphanage at least treated him equally… Somewhat.

He opened the door to his home with the key he had stolen of the key rack. He noted how they never made him a set before closing the door. "I'm home!" Quiet. "Oh wait, never mind, no one else is." He said cynically walking up to his room. Simply, with only a Playstation, a TV, and a bed.

He flopped down onto his bed, flipping on his TV and Playstation, starting up Final Fantasy VII. It didn't take two minutes for the door downstairs to slam.

"Joy." The young man said as steps ran up the staircase. The door opened with his 'brother' looking in. "What do you want Mick?" Said Duel in a bored tone as he sat up in his bed while the game loaded up.

"Why're you home so early?" He said leaning against the doorway. Mick. Duel's brother. The very definition of jock, he was captain of the JV Football team, and was two grades higher than Duel. They've been enemies since before Duel was adopted by Mick's folks.

"School ended. I came home. I WALKED at that. Not very hard math. I'm always home this time." Replied Duel with a yawn. "Why do you even care?"

"Weren't you supposed to meet me out front of the school for a fight?" Said Mick cracking his knuckles.

Duel rubbed his head and chewed his thumb nail in thought. "No. Not to my knowledge." He was used to Mick's beatings. Never really hurt anymore. Just a waste of energy to fight back.

"Listen one leg. Don't be sarcastic. You knew you were supposed to be out there." He said looming over Duel, still cracking his knuckles.

Duel yawned again. "Fine muscle head, I know. And stop with the one leg, we all know already."

It was true. Duel had to have his leg amputated about seven years prior after he suffered extensive burns. However, the fake automated leg worked pretty well. Even seemed real. Although, everyone knew it was fake from a few years earlier when Mick had beat him so badly, the leg fell off. He was in the hospital for five months while repairing the damage.

"Muscle head?!" Duel was on the floor in seconds with a bloody nose. "Which is why I'm two grades ahead of you even though we're the same age? Listen fag, I run this house, not you. Keep your place." He kicked Duel fiercely in the stomach before leaving the room, slamming the door so hard; a crack came up on the side near the knob.

Duel grasped his stomach and stood up, wiping the blood from his nose. "Fuck you…" He said angrily looking at his TV. He turned it and his Playstation off, flopping down on his bed… Of course after locking his door.

He was behind two years because he didn't give a damn about school. He never bothered working any more in School, so he failed and was left back two years. The only class he liked was History, and he failed that too. At any rate, Mick was right. He wasn't a muscle head. He was actually pretty smart. But it's always fun to make fun of him, since he took advantage of his size anyway.

He looked out his window and saw the school not too far away. It was easy to walk back, and he always left out the front. Maybe the big brute just came out after him and didn't notice. Either way, he got his chance to kick Duel's ass. Duel should be fine for another week. Maybe.


Duel woke up the next morning with a sore stomach and a half broken nose. Mick had already broken it in the beating the removed Duel's leg, so it was hard to break again. He got out of bed and dressed, hoping Mick had gone off to school before him. He listened through a crack in his door ever so carefully before he found it safe to go downstairs.

His bag, as usual, was on the hook. He took it over his shoulder and went outside. Once he closed and locked the door, he saw kids walking to school. He woke up earlier than usual it seemed. He waited a tad, so the crowd was thinner. A downside of living close to school was the kids always being close by.

After the crowd thinned, he began walking, and as usual again, he met up nor talked to no one along the way. He made it to his homeroom in time for the bell to ring.

"My, my, my Mr. Katskil, what a pleasant surprise, you're on time today. Take a seat." Said Duel's only likeable teacher, Mr. Tailes, said with a grin. Duel did a two finger salute and sat down in the third seat back from the door. He saw a girl standing at the front of class, with a smile that seemed to brighten the room, with dark skin and bright pink hair in pigtails. Though it failed in this school, and no one seemed to notice her.

Duel pulled into his rucksack and pulled out a small comb he used to brush his hair through. He looked feminine, and he planned to keep it that way. Kept people, guys and girls away.

"Class! Attention!" Said Mr. Tailes, banging a ruler on his desk. The class stopped talking. Duel heard the rest of the class quiet down. Fact was, he wasn't the only one who respected this teacher. Almost everyone did in this school.

"As you probably noticed," Duel saw that no one did, as they were already whispering about the odd pink haired girl. "We have a new student today. She transferred from New York to our humble city of Grenston, so make sure to treat her well. Persia, if you would?"

The pink haired girl stepped forward, smiling bright as before. "Hello! I'm Persia Satsuki, it's very nice to meet all of you." Her eyes seemed to go to Duel, and he blushed. Why was she looking at him. He wasn't the only one to notice, as several of his classmates turned to him, bewildered.

"I hope I can be friends with you." She said. She attempted it to make it sound like she was speaking to the whole class, but as she was clearly looking and smiling at him, it was obvious she was talking to him. Very quickly muttering began, and Duel didn't need to hear them to know they were asking 'Why is she saying that about HIM?' or some such things.

Mr. Tailes coughed and the class shushed up. "Miss Satsuki, if you would please take a seat behind to Mr. Katskil, we can take attendance." Mr. Tailes said, pointing toward Duel. Duel gulped, and his pale face was showing his blush. Luckily he parted his hair so his bangs covered the left side of his face, and no one noticed. Persia sat behind him, and Mr. Tailes began with attendance. Though unlike most teachers, he just picked out a face and checked it off. The class began talking again, and only the few girls in the very back were talking about Persia and Duel. Most of the others didn't seem to care. It was fifteen minutes before first period anyway.

Duel felt someone tap his shoulder. He knew it was Persia, but he ignored it. Again. Three times. The fourth Duel turned around, and asked, quietly, but rudely "What do you want?" so the others in the class couldn't hear.

"To talk to you, silly." Persia said with a smile. Duel blushed again, trying desperately not to get a crush on this girl. "I think we have the same classes right? Would you mind showing me around at Lunchtime?" Her voice seemed sincere, so Duel gulped down. She didn't seem to be mocking him.

Still in a bit of shock that he was being spoken to in a friendly tone, he nodded and replied "S-sure." He told her where he sat at Lunch so they could meet. The bell rang. Fifteen minutes sure passes by quickly when you talk to someone.

As it turned out, Persia was right, and the shared the same exact schedule. When lunch came by, Duel didn't eat, but he sat at the table he indicated anyway. Persia came out of the food line with the poison they feed students, which they can miraculously pass off to the FDA as food. Persia sat across him, and Duel decided not to mince words.

"Why'd you talk to me?" He had to admit, he was as curious as the rest of the cafeteria who was staring at them, why ol' one leg got to talk to the beautiful new kid.

"Because you don't seem as shallow as the rest of this school." She answered, biting into a 'hamburger'. Once she swallowed she added, "I saw you earlier outside your house. You looked lonely."

"And he has every RIGHT to be." Said an annoyingly girly voice from behind Persia. Duel saw her coming, but made no effort to say anything.

"What do you want Princess?" Duel said. Ironically that was her surname. He didn't know her first, not that he needed to with enough sarcasm in his repertoire to make Princess enough.

"Shut up One-Leg!" Princess said, and Persia's eyes shot back at Duel with concern.

"You have a prosthetic leg?" She asked, concern filling her voice. Duel didn't answer, because he was so very sure Princess would.

"Of course he does. Mick" She said the name as if it were God's own, "revealed it when he beat One-Leg to a pulp, knocking off his leg. The freak. Why don't you sit with US?" She said, her arm showing the table with the rest of her plastic little girlfriends. "WE can show you how this school is much better than his limpy self." Duel didn't limp, he walked just fine. But before he could make a snide remark, he was surprised to hear Persia.

"And I'm sure I'd like to stuff my bras with padding to make my breasts look bigger, just like you." Persia wasted no time and poured her water onto Princess's chest, making it expand. "Oh wait, it looks like its sponges." Persia was smiling, but Princess had her hands over her chest in embarrassment and rage.

"WHY YOU! I'll make sure you're just like One-Leg over there you pink haired freak!" she screamed at a beaming Persia, and with that good-bye Princess ran off the bathroom: with her friends in hot pursuit. Persia turned back to Duel, Duel able to pull himself out of his infatuated stupor just in time.

"You do know you're on outcast like me now, right?" Duel said, stealing a French fry from Persia's plate. She smacked his hand and he let go. She caught it and took a bite.

Her answer spoke volumes. "Do we get a freak's discount on lunch?"


H+H: This is a time skip.

Also, Persia is really intelligent. She'll notice things others won't. So when Princess said 'one-leg' she knew the leg was prosthetic since she had CLEARLY saw Duel walking earlier.

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