Hello there! Here's another new poem by me. This poem was written when I didn't want to do my homework and I was almost falling asleep, I was just imagining how it be like to wake up next to a person I like ; Anyways here's the poem:

Waking up in the early hours of the morning
I see a peaceful man with a smile on his face,
And as he breathes in once again, fast asleep
I etch every detail in my head of the look he has
Every time he snores, every time he turns,
Every time he whispers my name
As if I am going to go.

And when his eyes flutters open
Like a butterfly landing on a rose,
Revealing the everlasting sparkle
Of his bright blue eyes,
That same simple smile still remains on his face.

And as he reaches out over to softly caress my cheeks
He sends me into a dream of my own,
A deep sleep that I don't want to wake from
And hearing him tenderly say those three
Simple, yet meaningful words;
'I love you'
I can't help but enjoy the way he kisses me straight after,
With more passion every time he parts
Only to kiss me one more time,
And I must admit if I had the power to control time
This moment would last an eternity,
Just me, him and the rising sun of this early morning.