the Bible pictures life in a dark way:

one day of sacrificing children and bloodshed
over a sparkling, crackling fire…
brilliant and beautiful to them
and with knives they let their blood drip
into the hands of demons…

it was their sacrifice and worship
as the blood oozed, dripped, splashed
they only danced and sang
the embers scorched their skin and their heart
everything around them was tainted…


years ago, blood was shed in the form of cutting
as a sacrifice to dark gods…
…and still is

girls and guys put knives to their skin
and watch the blood drop ever so slowly…
just as people had in biblical times,

but their blood falls into the hands of demons…
(they are unknowing)
while the demons only dance and shout
cheer and sing around the open fire
…the flying embers only char their soul further

all the kids see is their mirror reflection
tears, blood, cuts, and razorblades
n.o.t.h.i.n.g. more than that
but it causes deep pain to watch themselves
fade away so (un)beautifully

…it is more than just a cut
it is worship and praise
to a god they never knew existed.

(but the demons will no longer win.)

--in the name of Jesus Christ, I renounce this Spirit over me--

&& I will praise this dark god
- no longer. -