The 'if' Statement

My pastor said
That greatness comes with that risk
And God won't define the time for you
That greatness comes with an 'if' statement
And I had mine.

Should I tell her?
Or not?
Debating, and churning
With that question
Should I tell?

I took a risk.
I told.
I told her,
And she said that she was going to talk to him
No, not Christ,
But the one that hurt me.
Oh, crud.
But she gave me the best advice that anyone could
Just trust God.
Leave it in his hands.
He will work it out.

And I know he will.
With or without my friends.
And I know he will complete His will.
The most important one.

I asked him to break any relationships
That were not of him
Not just romantic ones
And even if he's never my friend
I still took the risk
And had my moment for greatness
My 'if' statement.