Smiles in Sparkling Lakes

Nail polish
Is a little girl's dream
To be able to apply it herself
Like she was finally able to do with lip gloss
But nail polish makes a bigger mess…
At least her mother claims

And the little girl
Makes her dream reality
As her mother falls asleep

Sparkling blues and greens
The colors of nature and lakes
And as the glitter graces her nails
And the color shines all over her fingers
And nails
Floors and counters
The little girl smiles

Pretty collages created
With only a brush, and some fingers
And the beauty is stained into the carpet
And her clothing

And she smiles at the difference
That she made in the world
Her fingerprint,
Her expression
Her footprint

She made a difference through the sparkling lakes
Of green and blue
All around her house
While her mother was sleeping
A big accomplishment for the little one
Creating smiles in the sparkling lakes.