Spoon Under the Bed

The kids dressed in their pajamas
--but they were on inside out
And they placed ice cubes in the toilet
Then danced about
The last thing they did
As they fell asleep on their bed
Was place the spoon beneath their pillow

Outside at night
Their dream came true
Temperatures dropped
And winds came in
Pure white flakes
Fell down from the sky
The angel's confetti
From a party in heaven
(so it wasn't only the children that were dancing)

And as the children woke up
They cheered even more
And didn't have to go to school
But when their covers and pillows
Drifted from the bed
With the opening of their eyes
And their discovery
The spoon was shoved under the bed
And forgotten

Months later the spoon would be found
And confusion would set in
Until the smart younger sibling
Let's the older one know
Of the memory
And the legend
That is now left to be told.