When the light is turned on,
The darkness has to flee
It has to leave
No longer can it stay
And it's the same with other things

As soon as you know something,
You can't be in the dark anymore
You can't erase it
Forget it
At least not totally
The image has been engraved

And one of the things I can't forget
Are the women that touched my life.

Some maybe not in a good way
But others in a way
That not only made me smile
But that made me laugh…
The music of the soul.

And one of the other things that I can't forget
Is the God that touched my life.

Through everything he was there
He guided me
And loved me
He took me in
And he led me by the hand
He cared enough to shed light
And let the darkness flee
He will be on my mind
And on my heart