By Candle Light

The candle flickers

Casting its light

Showing the beauty

In the endless night

The light falls on the table

And my dreams begin to appear

As I write them down

I sense my biggest fear

I look into the looking glass

And I'm not only there

There is another pair of eyes

And I have no disguise

My heartbeat starts to quicken

My blood begins to race

And my fear rises

As I can soon see his face

I panic now

Unable to breath

As he comes closer and closer to me

His features become more distinct

Yet I still know not who he is

I look back down at my paper

I seem to have been describing the scene

But I know not how it got there

I see no means

I look back up into the glass

And see him pass in front of me

As he stands before me

He no longer ignores me

But reaches forth

And takes my hand

How rough my hands must be

For I've been writing all day long

But there is no paper in front of me

What happened to the paper

What happened to the words

All the thoughts that came from my hands and mind

Are now left far behind

What's going on with me

What's happened to my thoughts

For I remember writing them there

And now there they're not

What's this man doing here

For he hasn't let go of my hand

I cannot remember him

But he seems to remember me

Though he does not speak a word

He stares into my eyes

And I stare back in his

His beautiful silver eyes

Glimmering in the candlelight

He is truly gorgeous

And no longer scary

But I still don't know him

Yet that doesn't matter

For as we lean closer

And his lips touch mine

I kneed not know him

For he is now mine