Chapter 1

"If you even try to touch me, you are flying through that wall." I looked at the man before me, eyes full of hate. He was a little taller than me, but the way he held his body made him look like some kind of a prince. He seemed as one of those people that still managed to look down at you even if it wasn't really possible.

"My, my, aren't we a stubborn and a naïve human." his voice was mocking in a way that annoyed me the most, but I couldn't help but mentally laugh, seeing the irony of the situation. He was the one naïve, since he didn't realize that I was much higher in the food chain than he was.

Sadly, he didn't seem to be realizing this as he was still bordering me. The guy just walked up to me when I was in the garden, enjoying some quality time with my thoughts as I stared at the beautiful yet dying flowers and started bothering me. As if all my frustration from the days before this weren't enough, no less.

"I wonder how his blood tastes like; I always wanted to get my hands on the neck of one of those snobby first class vampires." Trinity, my inner vampire hissed with interest, giving me a hint that she wanted to take over my body to realize her fantasies. Normally, I would have let her taste someone as stupid as this guy, but this was a special occasion. I was forbidden from hurting any of the vampires at this mansion.

That didn't mean that I couldn't throw them through the wall if I pleased, I mean, it's not like I would be sucking their blood or anything, just a simple kick in the stomach. If the looks of this guy were any indication, he would probably deserve it too; there is no telling how many girls he bothered before me, surely hurting them in the end. I would be doing the world a favour by killing or at least maiming him, I concluded with a mental snicker.

How did I get in such situation again? Oh yeah, I was betrayed and deceived by them, my fellow humans. Every year or so, few lovely looking human girls were sent to a beautiful house in the mountains. Let me tell you, it is only in the mountains so if anyone tried to escape, they wouldn't get that far, or so my theory states. I personally wouldn't mind something like this, but the male population of this house were all vampires and we, the lovely ladies were supposed to get to know them and "connect" with them, ensuring good relationships between the two races.

All of us were classified into classes. For first class, both races have to meet certain strict requirements that I have no idea about, but I made it anyway. I think it is something about blood with vampires, and something about looks with humans, through I am not that sure. I was the only first class lady that came this year, meaning that I have been the centre of attention for exactly… 2 hours. I was actually glad that my spotlight didn't go on for any longer since I didn't want too much attention.

Shifting back to reality, I realized that the vampire really did try to touch me. I looked over him again, thinking about something to say. He was really young, perhaps only eighteen, which still meant he was a bit older than me. That brought me to thing, 'what the hell was he doing here?' From what I managed to figure out, most of the vampires in here were about thirty to fifty, but because vampires aged differently and at different speeds, they all looked like they were in their middle twenties. Someone as young as this one must have been a total outsider in this house, but then again, what the hell was I doing there?

The vampire was getting dangerously close again, I realized quickly.

"I'm warning you." I took a step back, just in case. Bad idea. He apparently thought of it as a sign of fear. Without warning, he started laughing, the last thing I would expect him to do. His laugh was good hearted but definitively didn't lack on the evil side, so it sounded strange yet really comfortable. It was hard to describe, partly because I never heard a vampire laugh before quite this way.

"Are you scared?" He tried to put on a teasing voice, but it felt like he was mocking me again. He may be a vampire, but he was acting like a pathetic human teenager; he had to be really young.

"All his babbling makes me want his blood even more. Lucien, let me out so I can finally taste him." Lucien – she always called me like that. My real name was Lucie, but for some reason, Trinity found it more appropriate to call me Lucien. A sigh escaped my lips as I looked at that stupid (but handsome) vampire again, and then trying to keep my cool, I walked away from him without a word. 'Race relations,' pha! It would be so much more appropriate if they just called this stupid experiment a 'Make-out city'! Sadly, this stupid experiment has been running and keeping peace between the two races for the last seven centuries.

I stomped into my room. Throwing pillows around, I screamed (it was the only thing that I could throw if I didn't wanted to get in trouble for breaking something).

"I can't take this anymore! I have been here for way too long!!" I personally don't know why we had such large pillows in our room. They weren't used for sleeping as they were just too big, and since I never invited any quests in here, they were useless for pillow fights or just comfortable seats as well.

"B-but, L-Lucie, we have only b-been here for f-four days." My easily scared roommate commented. I traced where the voice was coming from and found her under one of the oversized pillows that I was throwing around just a minute ago.

Apologizing, I helped Isabelle (Izzy for short) to her feet. She was shivering slightly, probably from the sight of my angry self. She was only few inches taller than me, which wasn't even noticeable with the heels I usually wore. Izzy was eighteen and a half, but she liked to act childishly most of the time, which sometimes really annoyed me. She had light brown wavy hair that reached easily to her waist and usually insisted on wearing pastel colour dresses. Despite her all too playful nature, I really liked Izzy. She came here before I did and being older, she looked after me like a sister. I would never admit it out loud through, of course.

I waited for her to calm down again. Once she was OK, she poked me teasingly, her true nature already showing. "I take it that you met a vampire today again, did he try anything?" I sighed again, something that was becoming a trademark action for me ever since I came here. Her mood swings really amazed me. If she was able to get scared of me when I got a bit angry, I can't imagine her reaction should one of our vampire friends have a bad day. Through I believe that it would really be funny, in a way. I eyed her, then very seriously proclaimed:

"Nothing much happened. He tried to touch me so I threatened him that I'll throw him through a wall if he does." I recounted the earlier events, silently hoping that would satisfy her ever-present curiosity. Izzy moved in closer to me, which I unfortunately knew was a sign that she wanted to hear more, so I started recalling his actions again. "He thought I was scared, so he laughed at me, mocked me, and then left me alone."

"So, and how did he looked like?" Izzy seated herself comfortably on one of the pillows and I, knowing that she wouldn't let go of me if I didn't explain everything and answered every question, did the same. Izzy loved talking about men, it was her favourite subject, but because of her age, that is something one would expect.

At eighteen and a half she looked even better than me, which is something very rare, seeing that my image was altered by my inner vampire, Trinity, so I looked like a fashion model. With her beauty and manners, I didn't understand why she was placed as a Second class. Clearly, there was something wrong with that system.

"Was he really a vampire?" With one of her sneaky questions, Izzy got me back to reality. "Because I never heard about a vampire that would laugh, they are all deadly serious it seems to me." I kept quiet, waiting for her to get all the questions out of her mouth. It was then easier to answer them because she ran out of ideas of what to ask me. "And what was his name? How old was he? Do tell, Lucie."

"He had light brown hair, was taller than me by at least 15 centimetres, he also had hazel eyes, if I remember correctly. He was definitively a vampire, judging from his fangs. He was pretty young, which surprised me, he must have been only a year older than me." I was almost at the end of the questions. Feeling pathetically victorious, I approached them with new determination. "And his name? Don't know." Izzy groaned with obvious disappointment.

"You mean to tell me that you forgot to ask his name?" She questioned the obvious.

"No, dear Izzy. It is simply the matter of 'Don't know, Don't care, and Don't want to find out'" Izzy looked at me with her famous 'Oh well' look. Disappointed silence engulfed us because Izzy extinguished the flow of questions, for which I was quite glad. Sometimes she kept asking me questions for hours and hours about what happened, which was kind of scary, considering that I was living here only for four days. As she had nothing else to say, I stood up and was getting myself to leave, when she apparently realized something and broke the silence again.

"I think I know who you just met, if your description is correct." I couldn't help but to frown at this. When she came here, Izzy memorized the names and general descriptions of every interesting and dangerous vampire in the house. It was useful at times since her stories about the vampires and what made them so special could make me laugh anytime, and it brightened my mood when it was bad. Bad mood, I realized, was becoming too much of a trend ever since I came here. "Brown hair, teenage aged, hazel eyes,… It has to be him!"

"Who is he then?" I asked patiently, which was very unlike me. She didn't look at me, just stared of to the distance, which was very unlike Izzy for a change.

"He strikes both the interesting and dangerous category on my list." As she said it, I felt lost. Was Izzy scared? Sure, she got easily scared by anything, but what she was showing now was a different kind of fear. After some time, I realized what kind; she was scared for me. "Lucie, if I'm right, then you just met and threatened Kira, the only son of notorious Dracula."

She looked at me, deadly serious. There really was fear and concern in her eyes. Silence took the room again, and for a few minutes, neither of us said anything, we just looked at each other.

Few minutes had passed, and he was still looking in the direction she went in. He was trying to sort his thoughts about her, and about why he even approached the girl in the first place. He had no reason after all.

She was very strange, he concluded. In fact, everything was strange about her, mostly her reactions. Even though he mocked her about it, he knew that she wasn't scared of him, quite the opposite, and that bewildered him.

He let a soft groan escape his lips. He used an illusion on her that would scare even the bravest of humans, yet she didn't even notice it. He was sure that she wasn't human, but what was she then? He was determined to find out, to figure out this strange being. Even if it meant putting in jeopardy the bet he made with his father.

In the end, if he thought about it really hard, he wouldn't be putting the victory on that bet in danger. She wouldn't become anyone important to him, just a simple pet project he would take on to entertain himself with for some time. She would be just something to kill time with, therefore he wouldn't loose the bet, because technically he wasn't associating himself with her in any way.

Kira's lips slowly formed into a dangerous smirk. This was going to be interesting; she was going to be interesting, he thought to himself.

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