Hey Everyone!

I know you probably thought that this is a new chapter, but it isn't, I am really sorry for that. Please let me explain why first, before you sign my death wish. The first reason is, that the last chapter that you read is the last chapter of the first part of the story, so before I do any more explaining, just let me say:

End of Part One

Because this is the end of part one, I am now editing all of it so I have it in somewhat of a nice state before I move on, so do check the later chapters, I add different information in them to make them more interesting and it might affect the story, so make sure you read them or you will feel left out pretty soon!

Now, like I said last time, the whole sitting some of my exams a year early, that was supposed to only be my extended Math GCSE, but now I am trying to push them to let me do all of my exams this year so I could go to lower sixth next year instead of wasting a whole year in school. You have no idea how boring can lessons be. Instead of sleeping only in Physics, I now sleep in every single lesson that I have. Horrible!

Since I have not started writing the second part yet, this is a great opportunity to tell me what kinds of things you would like to see in the next part! Be sure to review me with any ideas you have to make this story even better than it is now!

Oh, and by the way, I just fell like adding, the story now has 98 pages! You can be sure that when I finish all the editing, it will have over 100 pages!

So hurry up, get a cake, and some wine and let's go celebrate!

*sniff* My baby story is all grown up now!

I am so exited!

I use way too much exclamation points!