If there's blood on your shoe how do you explain it to someone?

It all started twelve years ago; the year when a student, a junior, disappeared in this very school. Similarly, within three days of the boy's disappearance, a girl was arrested for vampirism and mutilating someone, although the body was never found. The kid who disappeared twelve years ago is said to haunt the halls of the forbidden fourth floor of our school.

I am a student at that very school. I am also one of the people to uncover the truth behind the "ghost" of the fourth floor, my name is Christine. Our school, Pride North, consists of juniors and seniors. The others go to south.

I was on my way from gym; I stopped at the curb of the driveway and sat down to tie my shoe. The sound of someone's feet caught my attention, and I immediately turned towards the sound.


"Aww dangit, you can't see me I'm invisible."


"So what's up?"

"Same as always, I'll hang out here for some time, and if no one shows up in the next five minutes I'll leave and go to the other bus stop and talk to the people over there until our bus comes."

"Oh, okay then, have fun."

Some other people came up and we talked for the next five minutes. Then I left, heading over to the other side of the school. I walked over to where a group of people were standing or laying down.

David was lying on the ground against his backpack; Ali was blocking the sun but kept moving occasionally. She moved and I stepped in front of it. We started talking about what wearing certain colors meant according to boys. David started trying to poke people he came after me and I tripped backwards over his backpack grinning madly despite the pain. He gasped, apologizing and pulled me back up. I told him I was okay and saw a bus heading towards our stop. Jess had already gone and I started running like hell towards our bus. Of course, on the way I tripped and fell forward on my side, cursed under my breath, and got back up only to find no one left at our stop.

"Looks like we missed the bus," Mel said coming up behind me.

We walked back to the other bus stop; most people had already left and now only Mel, and David, and I were there. Everyone around us had left. Only the three of us remained and it was getting later by the second. It was now way past the time the bus should have come and people were coming out from clubs. We all went inside and bumped into Haley, Katie, and Davey who were all about to leave. Katie and Haley had recently started going to the Shakespeare club, and Davey was in Jazz Band.

After going to the third floor to retrieve something I had remembered just then, I started walking back and heard a weird noise coming from the next floor, everyone in our school knew that floor was never used and I quickly became curious. Back on the ground floor everyone was wondering why I was taking so long and some decided to just come up.

"What the hell is taking you so long?" Mel asked.

"I just heard something upstairs," I replied.

"Well it doesn't matter, now come on we have to go." She turned around and David was standing right behind her. She jumped. "What are you doing up here?"

"The door's locked," He replied.


"The door's loc…"

"I heard you!"

"Then why'd you…"

"Never mind…"

"Are you serious?" I turned to him and asked, confused.

"Yeah pretty much, otherwise I wouldn't have come up three floors after you to say we were waiting for you when Mel was the one who came up to say that."

"Well, no. What?"


"Why's the door locked?"

"How should I know? I'm sure it's because we all love this school so much we decided we'd spend the night here." He said sarcastically.

"Okay this conversation ends now," Mel said getting irritated by the back and forth conversation.

Just then, everyone else came up to see what was going on. We went downstairs and tried all the doors but found them all locked.

"Hey, now's our chance to see what's really upstairs," I said hopefully.

"Alright, alright, just promise you'll stop obsessing over it later," Mel finally gave in. We both shook hands on it. "Yes!" I grinned and punched the air, "Ah, I mean, uh I'll get the keys," I rushed off to a nearby office that just happened to be open and found the keys.

I rushed back only a moment later. We all left our backpacks at the bottom of the staircase except for Haley, who came up with some excuse that she might need it. We all headed to the top of the stairs some more willing than others. Wondering what was up there I quickly unlocked the door as we all walked on to the forbidden fourth floor.

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