The soft grass underneath my feet

The gentle dark sky welcoming

I hardly remembered what this was like.

The lake is calm and there is no breeze.

The water is slightly violet against the blue sky

The Willow tree stands proudly tall

Alas, it weeps.


A train can be heard not far away

And bright flashing lights travel over the lake,

Reminding me of humanly things.

An airplane flies overhead

And I am sure it disturbs the peace,

But turn around and there is a paved road

Leading back to society.


A tear falls down my bare cheek,

The tranquillity,

The simplicity,

The stars that can be seen in the night sky…

I turn to leave.


I must return to my reality,

Where the sounds never whisper,

The lights are never dim.

Where every second is important,

And there is no escape.


I must walk back

To where there are no stars

To where there is no peace

To where there are no willow trees

And nothing left to weep for.