Chapter Three

Water Fall

My eyes glanced at my reflection in the mirror. I was wearing a slight black shirt with a denim skirt. My hair was in pigtail braids and I had something I had never wore before. A necklace that Erik had given me, he had said it was Gabriella's, now I had a piece of her with me. I had asked what it meant, but he just shook off the question, so I didn't dare ask again. I sat down in the chair in front of the mirror and stared at my reflection for a long time. There had never been a mirror in the cell.

Finally when I had just given up staring at myself Erik came out of the bathroom clothed in jeans and a dress shirt that was a baby blue color. "Ready?" He asked me. I glanced back at my reflection and nodded. In all my life, I had never been out of this building. It was where I was born, and the Cell I had been in where I was raised. The farthest I had gone was the west wing when I was living in the Cell. Fortunately I found out that there was a world outside of our cell. A girl from outside had been brought in that had told us stories of it, I most wanted to visit a place with lots of buildings and people about.

As for where me and Erik were going, he was taking me out for what he called a date, but I had no idea what he meant. Something I had rarely had either, besides the slop in the cell. Only on special occasions did we get anything that was any good. He took my arm with a smile before opening the door and walking down it towards the end of the hall. When we walked through the doors at the end of the hall I felt as if my breath had been stolen. Air floated towards me, but not still, but it moved, without loud fans. I breathed in, but them moment I did I heard a strange sound. "What is that annoying sound?" I asked Erik. He glanced at me wondering if I were crazy, but after a second a meek smile spread on his face.

"That would be a bird." He said. I stared at him.

"A what?" I asked startled.

"I'll show you sometime." He said before bringing me down towards a bunch of metal things that reflected what was around us. Erik walked to the side of one and grabbed a place that appeared to be a handle. He pulled it and it suddenly flew open. Surprised I jumped back. "You seem to be like a child." He said laughing. I bit my lip trying to to have a caustic remark. "Are you going to get in?" He asked with a smile.

"G-get in. Like in there?" I asked looking at it with a fearful look.

"Well, yes of course, unless you want to walk all the way to the amusement park." He had a sound as if it was an obvious answer, his smile did not fade.

"It can't be that far can it?"

Suddenly he burst out laughing. "You don't realize how big the world is? This building is a very small part of it." He announced. I looked back at the building, it had gray stone walls and green things climbing it, for some reason it looked older than it did inside. Inside it was huge and fancy, and it was bigger looking, this was built into the side of a huge thing that looked to be made of stone also.

"What is that?" I asked, no longer paying attention to what we had been talking about.

"What?" He asked looking in the same direction as me.

"The thing the building is built into."

"That, Onna, is a mountain." He said as if I were asking one too many stupid questions.

I sighed and looked back at the open door. "Do I have to get in?" I asked. Rolling his eyes he shut the door and instead took my hand.

"We will go to the amusement park another day then." He said.

"No, I want to go, but I just-" I began.

"Are you afraid little Onna?"

"No! I am not afraid!" The sound of my voice seemed to extend into the area around me. I turned my back to him. "I do not wish to talk to you."

Silence, I didn't hear a single thing, then suddenly my braid was moving of it's own accord. Pulling my braid out of his grasp I turned sharply. "What ARE you doing?" I asked him.

The smile never seemed to want to disappear. "If you will not pay me attention then I suppose I can deal with your braid." My eyebrows squished together at this comment.

"I-I don't understand." I said. His smile widened, if that was possible. I suppose it was possible indeed.

He gripped my hand that had been stolen from his grasp when I turned and pulled me into a bunch of large poles randomly placed.

"What are these?" I asked looking around. He didn't reply but instead he kept tugging. "Are you going to answer me?" No response. He was dragging me faster with each second. I gave up waiting for an answer. He finally stopped after what seemed like a long time. He was looking down into a large bathtub, but it was about the size of the cell times five. "What is that?" I asked suddenly interested.

"Which, the water fall or the pond, or perhaps the river leading from the pond." He asked. I glared at him, but his smile returned. "Ready?" He asked.

"For what?"

"We're going to jump in." He said, he was tugging me again, but towards the place where the faucet was running into the tub part. I suppose this was what he called the waterfall since the water was falling, but the long thin thing was the pond or the river? I had heard of rivers of tears, but those were long and thin, so I suppose that was the river, and the big tub part must be the pond. But if I got it wrong he would laugh at me for not getting it right, if I asked him he would laugh at me for not figuring it out, best not to say anything at all.

"You are mad! That Tu-Pond is big enough for someone 100 times my size!" I yelled. He didn't give me an odd look so that much be the pond. He was taking off his shirt as he pulled and then his pants, he was down to black boxers, my cheeks colors then. He turned to me with a smile.

"You're tiny so probably 1000 times." He told me.

"I'm not jumping." I declared. He glanced at me and shook his head.

"First you do not want to get into the car, next you won't jump of the waterfall, what am I to do with you?" He asked. "Fine, if you won't jump, I will leave you up here."

"But-" I caught my tongue.

"Do you want to be left here or will you jump?"

"You're a vampire! You won't get as nearly hurt as me! I'm human!" I yelled. Suddenly he wasn't infront of me, but I felt his arm wrap around my waist and his chin come down gently between my head and my shoulder.

"Do you think I would save you, just to get you killed?" He said.

"N-no. I don't." I told him. Exhaling he pulled away and turned me around opening his arms. "What are you doing?" I asked him.

"Well, if you won't stay here, and you don't want to jump alone I will jump with you." He said.

"You can't be serious." I told him.

"As a heartattack, I am sick of this argument." Eyebrows raised he lifted his shoulders as if to tell me to make a decision. I sighed stepping forward and wrapping my arms around his neck. He put his arm around my waist. "I can't jump if you are like that. I'm going to pick you up so you wrap your legs around my waist. When we hit you might want to plug your nose." He said.

I didn't speak, but jumped up and latched my legs around his waist. I felt him stand over the cliff and I felt my grip tighten with fear of falling. I was about to ask if he was goign to jump when we were suddenly soaring in the air and down towards the water. "Noooo!" I yelled clenching my teeth. I felt my fingers dig into his back before a thousand nails seemed to hit me before I felt a cool rush and smooth like glass feeling of water all around me. I was still holding onto Erik when he swam up, but I felt myself choking on the water surrounding me, I had forgotten to plug my nose. Erik was moving quickly for some reason and when we broke surface we were almost to the edge of the pond. I felt my back hit ground, but the water was still stuck in my throat. I felt his hands pushing down my chest before the water came up suddenly.

"Are you alright?" He asked. I closed my eyes.

"No, I did not want to do that." I said attempting to make my face stern, but I couldn't tell if it worked. I felt his hands on my hair but they were quickly removed.

"I'm sorry, would you like to go back to the room?" He asked.

"Yes." I said stiffly. I felt his hand grabbing my wrist and the ground disappeared to suddenly become soft. We were in his room again.

"I'll be back later. Please stay in this room." He said. I nodded and heard him open and close the door. After a second I sighed and opened and closed my eyes.

Author's Note:
Korny...yes, annoyingly long dialogue, yes, what can you do?