I told what I shouldn't have
When I should have
Kept my mouth shut
I think I just lost another friend…
Or another godly influence in my life
All because now they know
Where I am failing…
But my failures aren't every part of me
Just a small part of me.
But it's the one that I seem to broadcast
And show…
But please don't judge me for it
I need the help!
I need the friend!
Don't leave me because I fell!
I love you, Jesus,
Please let them be my friend
(if it's your will)
Lord, please let them see
That my mistakes aren't everything
That there is to me
I'm sorry for what I have done
I think I should have broadcasted the failures
So that I could move on
But please don't let them look at me like
I'm horrible.
I'm not.
I'm just a thirteen year old girl
Who has failed
Fallen a bit
But is starting to see the truth
The way
The life
And the love
In Jesus Christ
Please love me like He does
I really need a friend.