Sugar Plum Fairies

I hear them giggling from the other room
Big hazel eyes
Small brown eyes
Locks of browns
Light and dark—
Different shades
Soft music of cheerful children
Playing in the background
The little twists
And efforts to stay on their feet
(but they fall over anyway)
And although celestial
Not always as angelic as they look
The screams
And kicks
And biting
But I love them anyways
My little sugar plum fairies
With their fancy dresses
And passion for pink
And picking flowers
100 percent girl tendencies
With a love for Jesus
And for life
My little sugar plum fairies
With hearts of gold
And feet of steel
And I love them;
The magic that comes from their wings
Their melodic voices when speaking
Their efforts towards graceful steps
And pristine movement.
My little sugar plum fairies.
And most of all
Thank you, Jesus
For the sparkling dust you placed in my life;
My sugar plum fairies
And even beautiful in your sight.