Braces of the Heart

God has a way of healing
The gaps between the heart
In the same way that the orthodontist
Is making me do with my teeth

It takes a few metal pieces
And binding
And a little bit of pain
But it'll eventually go away

When the pain is gone
My smile will be brighter
And my heart once again in tack
God will use these braces
To mend my broken heart
And to fix the little pieces

The gaps will no longer be
And neither will the pain
The day they come off
I will be dancing without the rain.

It only takes a week for the braces on my teeth
To allow me again to eat
Even though they are still there
And are a little unattractive

The braces on my heart are the same way
And despite the pain
I'm dancing in the rain
With these braces on my teeth
And God's braces on my heart.