Dear Beloved,

As I lay here

thinking of what to say,

I am overcome.

There is so much drifting

shifting through my mind.

I look upon this night

in utter awe.

Spending it here with you

is more than I ever,

ever allowed myself to hope.

My mere words are not enough

to express my gratitude to God.

He surpasses my expectations

and showers me with such blessings,

such love unto undeserving me.

But blessed me, He has

in bringing you back in my life.

Holding your hand,

such a simple act that makes me cry aloud,

shout for joy within my heart.

My love, I don't know

if you realize, but

you are an amazing man.

I can see you growing in Christ,

living for Him in your daily tasks.

You help me keep on track

in my walk with our Savior.

You are an encourager,

a dreamer, a warrior, and

you are so full of life.

Thank you for simply

being yourself, a great man.

Happy birthday, my love.

I hope this year is special,

I pray this year is blessed.

With all that I have,

Yours Sincerely