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Against the World

Chapter 1: A world away

Isabel was on the train. Her jade green were focused out of the window that was to her right, as she tended to do when she was taking the journey that she was currently on. She was going to see her boyfriend, Jason Gooding. It was a curious expedition, as usual, but then again, they were involved in a curious relationship as far as she was concerned. It was a curious attraction in her opinion also. Things just did not make much sense to her when it came to her and Jason.

She did not understand why she took the long trip to see him; the train ride itself was close to two hours long. The train smelled oddly in her opinion and it was filled with hard, plastic orange seats that did nothing for her lower back and the edges curved up slightly, which bothered her knees. He was the only person on the planet that she would probably make such a voyage for. She did not know why she did, but she did.

Jason was not the sort of person that Isabel would typically associate with. They were practically polar opposites, in her opinion and in most others' opinions too. She would not say that she was a free spirit, but she was not what most would consider normal and she was well aware of that. Jason was relatively normal, though. He came from an upper middle class family with successful, business-minded parents and he was their pride and joy being an intelligent, handsome, athletic young man. He was a star football player for his university. He was a wide receiver, she thought anyway. Isabel had very limited knowledge in sports; all she knew was that he caught the ball when the guy in charge of his team threw it. As far as his parents were concerned, she was his only flaw.

In contrast to Jason, Isabel came from a single parent home. She believed that her mother had eaten her father at some point in time, but she could not recall when; she was certain that she would one day find evidence to prove it. Her little sister thought that their mother probably disposed of their father in a lake or something, but Isabel thought that would be too messy for their mother. No, she was certain that the woman she was named after had eaten their father like the succubus she had to be.

Isabel was also from an upper middle class family, but they had come into their money in a totally different way from Jason's family. She and her sister did not like talking about it much, just because they doubted that people would believe them. She was also not a university student and had no plans to be, even though she was the same age as Jason.

Isabel was nineteen, as was Jason. She had no intention of going to any college or university, nor was she encouraged to do so, well not by her mother anyway. The fact that her mother did not seem to care probably influenced her disinterest in any institutions of higher learning. Jason, however, had a bad habit of nagging her about school, even to point where he ruined their dates sometimes.

Jason was the type that believed that everyone that wanted a future needed to go to college. Isabel preferred the school of hard knocks herself. She was not stupid by far, but she did not have any interest in going to school after she graduated high school, which was only by the grace of God anyway. She had barely gone to school during high school. There was just too much to go during the day in her opinion and she never liked wasting the day away in school. Her little sister currently was of similar thinking to her, but she attended school more often than Isabel did.

Back then, Isabel had had every intention of graduating high school when she went and she supposed that was the reason she made it through it. But, she never had any intention of pursuing more education after that and nothing was changing her mind. Jason pled with her all of the time to try to at least going to a junior college because he cared about her future; if she was irked enough, she took it as him caring about his image and that his parents disliked that he went out with a girl that was not pursuing a degree. Sometimes, she assumed that he did not want people to think that his girlfriend was an imbecile since she did not attend college. She could understand that somewhat since she did not want people assuming that her boyfriend was an elitist; too bad he was and she could not blame people for thinking that because she used to think it too and her sister still thought it. But, that being stated, she was not an imbecile, which was something that she enjoyed greatly.

Isabel appreciated her intelligence because it kept her mother off of her back. Her mother already had enough hang-ups about her, so she never wanted to add to that. It was not so much that her mother disliked her or anything like that, but she was a very hard and critical woman. She sometimes thought that her mother would get along great with Jason's parents because of their personalities, but it was also her mother's personality that would have pissed her mother off to know Jason's parents if she did know them.

Jason's parents were, in Isabel's own words, assholes. She practically detested his parents and they disliked her in return, but things like that just left her puzzled. Jason was very much a product of his upbringing, so why did he like her? Better still, why did she like him? Why did she like him enough to take a train to go see him? Why was she wasting her time going to see him yet again? She did not know; she never knew. She just found herself on the train at least once a week, and sometimes as much as four times a week, going to see him. Her sister laughed at her over such things and she could understand that. She felt like such a girl over Jason and she did not mean that in a good way.

To Isabel, girls did not rationalize things well when it came to the opposite sex. Girls did silly, even stupid things, for the opposite sex in her opinion and she believed that she was doing a very silly thing by getting on the train to see Jason, a guy that she could not even figure out why she liked him. She would not get on the train to go see her own grandmother (the evil old bat), yet she was going to see Jason on the train. If he did not go to school so far from her home, she would have taken a cab, which was usually how she got around. She just was not prepared to pay that much money for a cab ride to go see Jason. Usually money was no object to her, but when it came to Jason, he threw off her usual thought pattern and manner of behaving.

Isabel was not sure what it was about Jason that drew her back to him time and time again. They had basically nothing in common as far as she could tell; he agreed, but ignored that fact. Typically, she would not go within a hundred feet of someone like him and she was willing to bet that he generally would not be seen in the same room with someone like her. And yet he was hopelessly attracted to her and despite all of her rationalization for why she should not, she was on the train to go see him yet again. She concluded that she must be out of her mind. Surely insanity was a family trait and it was manifesting itself in her by compelling her to go see a young man that she barely liked most of the time. That had to be it.

More often than not, Isabel actually wished to whatever deity existed that she had never met Jason. All she would have had to do was stick to her basic principles of never going to house parties. Yes, she was a teenager that disliked house parties and she made it a point to never go to any. The crowds of people acting completely stupid and being egged on to do so all night bothered her, so she made it a point to not go. She was a big believer in avoiding things that got on her nerves instead of being around such things and complaining. But, about a year ago, a friend of hers had bugged her for nearly a week to attend the party and she agreed after seven days of non-stop pestering.

It was at that fateful party that Isabel met Jason and her life just had not been right since, especially according to her sister. She blamed her so-called friends mostly for her life now. If only she had stayed home that night as she had planned to instead of going to that party.

The night that she had met Jason, he had been a rather bold guy and he had introduced himself to her, as if she should care about whom he was, she had noted at the time. She guessed that his seemingly boastful introduction was because he played football and was used to being gushed over by people when he explained who he was. He had not gotten such a reaction from her. In fact, she had been rather bored with him and it showed, yet he had asked her out anyway. Her response was just a little uncalled for as she told him in a polite tone to "go to Hell." That could have and probably should have been the end of it, but Jason was persistent.

Jason had gone so far as to get Isabel's information from some of her friends that were attending the party. Her so-called friends had actually given him everything he wanted! They claimed that she needed to get out more. Well, after that day, she had much less friends and a new pain in the ass. Jason pretty much had openly stalked her and he would not go away no matter how many profane times she told him to.

Isabel did not understand why he had been so fascinated in her back then, or even now. She should not be anything like a girl that he would want. She was crude and rude, especially toward him. They were nothing alike; hell, they could not even watch the news even now without getting into an argument most of the time.

They were really a bad couple in her opinion. They could not even agree on anything if they went on a date together. Going to the movies with them was like a knife fight without the civility and rules. She did not even like going out with him because she really did not like fighting with him. She disliked verbal fighting altogether. She preferred going toe to toe physically and even then, she liked money or fun being involved, which was actually one of the reasons that she was on the train.

Although she could not figure out why she was even bothering with going to visit Jason or why she wanted to see him, she did know that she would rather go to him and be with him in his dorm room than go out with him in public somewhere. She had to see him, but she had to see him where they were least likely to get into a fight. In his dorm room, if he started getting on her nerves, usually by acting like an arrogant, spoiled brat, she could shut him up with a kiss, which was fine by her of course and he never complained. She had no problem with kissing the big jerk; he was her boyfriend, after all. He was her big jerk.

The train came to a halt, which pulled Isabel from her thoughts. She knew that it was not her stop yet, but she did like watching people pile on and off of the train for some odd reason. People always seemed like they had such a purpose when they entered and exited the train to her. She wondered if she had that same air about her when she got off and on the train. Did she look like a woman headed some place very important? She felt like it, as much as she hated to admit that. Getting to Jason was important to her…for whatever reason; she was still going to pled insanity.

She tried not to think about what the real reasons might be as to why Jason was important to her. He made her feel special and she supposed that she liked feeling special like any other human being on the planet. She had never really felt special to anyone, except maybe her little sister and maybe she took that for granted since her sister had looked up to her forever as far as they were concerned. Her mother was mostly neutral toward her for her entire life, but she always figured/hoped that there was a method to such madness. She hoped that her mother acted so bland toward her to keep her working hard for the most part because it certainly worked.

Jason, on the other hand, made her feel like her presence brightened his day; at least for the first few minutes that they were around each other. There was something about the way that he held her and looked at her that made Isabel feel like he truly appreciated her being around. She could not figure out why that was, but she did know that she enjoyed that feeling. If only someone else could deliver it or Jason could change his attitude, she often thought.

A few stops later, Isabel exited the train with such sophistication that one might think that she was getting out of a limousine. Her long black coat flowed behind her almost as if it was a continuation of her river of ebony hair. She looked around the familiar, empty station. There was nothing particularly catching about her stop. It was above ground without any stands hawking goods like there had been when she got on the train back by her home. There was a row of peeled, green wooden benches in the middle of the platform, which was concrete. There was a canopy in case of rain, which it did look like it might do sooner or later. She would worry about the weather later on. Right now it was on her side, which was good enough for her.

Isabel walked to the university campus, even though it was a slightly cold day. The campus was over a mile away, but a mile was nothing to her, even in the heeled boots that she was wearing. She did the trip fairly quickly; she was not sure if her goal had her moving just a step faster than usual or if the cool air was putting some pep in her step. The reason was moot; the point was that she made it to the campus rapidly. She walked directly to Jason's dorm building.

It was a nice and new looking building with three floors and hundreds of rooms. It looked something like hotel, but then again, many of the dorms looked like that on the campus since it was a prestigious university. That particular building housed the jocks of the school for the most part.

Isabel entered the dorm building and waved to the lazy security guard behind the front desk. The guy was not really lazy; he just did not do his job when it came to her and any other person that he recognized. She had spoken to him a few times and found him to be a pleasant fellow. She hoped that his lackadaisical attitude toward his job did not cost him.

Isabel walked to the second floor and went right to Jason's room. She knocked once before he opened the door, almost as if he knew that she was there at that very moment. He was far from surprised to see her standing in the bland tan hallway since she always told him when she was coming over to him. She was always looking to give him a chance to back out and tell her to stay home or not come, something like that. She really wanted him to push her away, as she often did with him. But, he was never interested in taking her up on such an offer. She did not understand it; maybe it had to do with getting hit in the a lot while playing football or some of it was his way of tormenting her.

Jason was standing before her in a plain grey tee-shirt and knee-length sweat shorts. He was a large fellow with wide shoulders and a thick neck. He was a popular young man because of his active and decent football career. He was also rather handsome with a pronounced chin and a head full of short ebony hair that curled a bit at the ends, which Isabel hated because she thought it was exceptionally cute. Most of the female population of the world would agree with her. He also had a pair of striking marine blue eyes to go with his muscular build and eye-catching facial structure. He was definitely an Adonis, but she often did not find herself thinking that she was lucky to have such an attractive man. Many girls thought that she was just ungrateful.

"Isabel," he greeted her with smile in his deep voice. He bent down and gave her a hug.

"Hello, Jason," she replied with a smile of her own and she returned the embrace.

"You smell good," he commented while inhaling. "But, you feel pretty cold," he pointed out with concern. He ushered her into his warm.

"I'm fine," she tried to assure him.

Jason was set to argue, but he noticed that Isabel was still wearing her coat. He pictured himself a perfect gentleman, so he went to take her coat from her. He slid the jacket off of her elegant shoulders. Without the coat blocking the view, Jason got to see that she was wearing clothing that was highlighting her amazing figure. She had on a plain white cotton shirt that hugged her torso and a black knee-length shirt that showed off her hips, ass, and legs. Jason got caught staring.

"Should I do a little wiggle to further entertain you?" Isabel teased and her boyfriend actually blushed.

"No!" Jason replied with fervor, even shaking his head. He was not a pervert, after all.

"Are you sure?" she continued on, smirking as she spoke. She would not mind him giving her an honest answer rather than pretending that he was standing on some moral high ground. She would wiggle for him too if he said that he wanted her to.

Jason repeated himself and turned away, just in case Isabel decided to be "funny." He went to hang her coat up in the closet while she looked around the room, even though she had been in there countless times before. The room itself was immaculate. He was a neat-freak to the point where it was nauseating for her.

His bed was pushed in the corner, next to the window on the far side of the room. It was made perfectly with a dark blue spread pushed over his two pillows. Perpendicular to the bed was his dresser that also held his large, flat screen television. Across from that was his desk, which was clear of everything except for his laptop computer, which was on. He was more than likely doing schoolwork before she showed up. He was probably the only jock in existence that did all of his own work, she thought.

"How was the trip?" Jason asked, being polite, as he finished putting away her coat.

"Cold," she answered in an almost clipped tone. He knew that she hated taking the train, so she did not see why he insisted on asking her about the trip every time that she made it. She hated the trip, of course.

"Oh, I'm sorry for that," he apologized, as if it was his fault.

"Why? You didn't make it cold," she pointed out. She was starting to figure out that he irked her already because he was asking obvious questions.

Jason laughed a bit, sounding rather awkward. He decided against saying anything else and went to his desk, closing the files on his computer since he doubted that he was going to get back to them anytime soon. While he did that, Isabel sat down on the bed, which was rather soft, and she turned on the television. She flicked through the channels while he sat down next to her, putting his arm around her shoulders.

Isabel fought with herself if she wanted to risk starting a conversation with him. He had already gotten on her nerves from speaking about four sentences. Did she want to risk more aggravation?

"What were you working on?" Isabel asked curiously while leaning into his thick frame. Oh, he felt so good, she noted quietly. He was so firm and warm. Now, if only he acted differently, she thought with a sigh.

"Huh?" he countered. He was not sure what she meant because he was too busy concentrating on the fact that she was pressing her supple body into him. He loved it when she was so close.

"What were you working on before I came in?" she elaborated and nodded toward his computer.

"Just an English paper. I'll get to it later. It's not due for a couple of weeks," he answered.

He was odd, she thought. She did not see how he could do papers so early. She had never had a college paper, but she had had a few papers in high school and she always waited for the last moment to do them. She supposed that she did that because she was always looking for something fun to do and papers were not fun. Jason seemed to be willing to do the same since she had arrived, though. He needed hobbies for when she was not around, she thought.

"I've got a game this weekend, you know?" he informed her. He was sure that he told her before, but he wanted to remind her in case she forgot. He was all too aware that football was not too important to her.

"I was aware," she answered.

"You going to come?" he asked, trying his best not to sound too hopeful, but he was failing rather miserably. As much as he liked Isabel, he did not want to sound desperate around her, especially since he knew that she would take it as a sign of weakness.

"I don't know. It all depends on if you're a good boy," she remarked with a teasing smile.

"Why do you have to be that way?" he inquired, sounding just a bit curious and frustrated with her.

"You like me this way," she quipped, still smiling as she spoke. She pushed herself up slightly and placed a kiss on the end of his nose.

Jason only sighed; he did like her the way that she was. It sort of gave her the upper hand in their relationship, though, which was not something he was used to. He liked being in control of things, but Isabel seemed to enjoy the same privilege. He often felt that was probably why they fought so much.

"You're going to come, right?" he repeated. He did want her at the game, even though he knew that she often had no idea what was going on during the game. He had never met a person so ignorant when it came to sports as Isabel.

"We'll see," she replied, running her fingers along his strong jaw.

"Why can't you just give me a straight answer?" he huffed slightly. His face was tense, even though he was enjoying her touch.

"Why do you get so annoyed about that? Don't I always show up to cheer you on, even though I have no damn idea what's going on?" she pointed out. For all of the teasing that she did every time he invited her to a game, she made it a point to show up to all of them. She still had no clue what the sport was about, though.

Jason did not have anything to fire back with because it was the truth. He was getting all bent out of shape, even though she went to all of his games, even though she had no interest in sports. He looked like he was at a loss since he could not argue with her, which he did want to do because he did not like when she taunted him all of the time. He believed that she did not respect him. Maybe she did not or maybe she did.

Isabel could tell that Jason was looking for someway to start an argument and she was not in the mood. She pushed herself up again and placed a kiss to his mouth, making it busy before it got to spouting something she did not wish to hear. He was surprised by the kiss at first, but he began returning it after a brief moment.

The kiss was soft and slow, just a gentle press of their lips together. Isabel had to shift her body on the bed because she desired to keep the show of affection going. She wondered why he tasted so good. Why did he feel so good? Why did she always want more?

Jason put his arm Isabel's waist to steady her while making sure not to break the kiss. His hands began working of their own accord, but he was not about to complain because they began caressing Isabel through her shirt. Before long, she ended up moaning, which he expected. He knew how to touch his woman, after all. He knew how to please Isabel; it was something that both impressed and annoyed her. Why did he have to know exactly how to treat her physically?

The more that Jason touched, the more he wanted to touch her rather muscular body. She was soft in all the right places as far as he was concerned. She was perfect and she was all his. He was proud to have chased down such a wonderful creature, even if she had a rather sharp, rude tongue in her head. At least that tongue had other talents, he thought.

The couple decided rather quickly that they should just go all the way. It would keep them from bothering each other and they would rather enjoy each other's company for the moment than anything else. So, they had to do something that would keep Isabel from verbally teasing Jason and something that would keep Jason from asking bothersome questions. What they were doing now was a surefire way to keep things civil between them.


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