Soldier and Me---

I watch the sunset
I am watching it turn red
It's different for you far from home,
I suppose it's sunrise there instead

It's a job you love
It's a job you won't give up
But it seems you need this more than me,
So here it is, it's all my luck

At least your glass is half-full now

I want you
I want to come home to me
Stay with me, pray with me, lay with me tonight
I need you
I need you here to be with me
Sleep with me, keep with me, dream with me tonight

Have they kept you safe?
Have they kept their promise true?
I can't tell from far back home
I hope your safe, but I wish I knew

No more guns tonight
No more guns and pain tonight
Just you and me under the stars
And everything is alright

I hope you're thinkin of me now


I wear your name around me neck
So it's always close to my heart
I'll keep you in my thoughts and pray
For you to come back to me
This tears me apart