renegade or patriot?

my head's filled with elephants that trumpet and stomp,
and red-haired twin brothers that just create swamps
of everlasting "value" in my muddled up brain.
i'm choking on this iron bit, give me my free rein.
let me free from society; let me be somewhere new,
not this law-loving country we've tried to subdue.
it's all black and white in my chromatic mind
neat lines though kaleidoscope thoughts intertwined.
so it's not understanding of law that I lack
but agreement, compliance, congruity, and tact.
take offense if you will, watch me crumble in shame
in the face of your rule-abiding, terrorize game.
"if they will not listen, then show them by force!"
(with the grain it's smooth, but against it it's coarse)
you can crush me, but up next will be somebody new,
who you'll have to try harder to restrain and subdue.
you might win this war in your own cloudy eyes,
but before going to sleep, check the value of your prize.
"iraq," as you state, "has a new future ahead!"
now listen to the elephants' mighty cries in their heads.