Summary: These are just creative tidbits that popped up after I wrote The Prelude. They're not substantial enough for a whole story, but I like them and think they're worth a perusal. Consider this a "pile of photographs" of what my characters would be like in Roman Britain. There is nothing to say the plots or writing styles will remain the same.

Warnings: Please note there will be homosexuality, violence/gore, and swearing. None of these are (what I consider) explicit, but they are broad. Note there will be other sorts of mature themes.


A woman emerged from the silver-rimmed shadows, and the other warriors drew back. She had light red hair and eyes the colour of stormy skies. She gazed at those around her. "Go, I wish to speak in private." There was silence, and then the reluctant crunch of departing footsteps.

When they were alone she bent over him. "My name is not important," she said simply, "I am your mother." Her hands pressed against his face. She frowned, but her expression remained calm.

Aulus exhaled slowly. "I was told you were dead." He glanced at the shattered blade rising out of his belly. It gleamed in the strengthening light. He relaxed against the frosted earth and watched clouds swim overhead.

Ailios sat beside him, hair shimmering. "I know." She bent down and kissed his forehead. Her lips were dry and cracked. "Your death gives me strength. Can that comfort you?"

Aulus stared at her, unseeing.

Although these ficlits won't be a full blown "story" R+R is always appreciated.