Westonville's Town Fair has always been a big attraction. Every year more and more people from other towns show up to enjoy the entertainment, food, and rides. But one year none of us will ever forget was the year a giant lizard showed up at the fair looking to ride our Ferris Wheel.

He told us all that his name was James. And that he had always loved Ferris Wheels. "May I please ride your Ferris Wheel?" he asked us. We all said yes, of course. He went about buying tickets and waited in line. It was finally his turn to ride the Ferris Wheel. He sat down in the seat (which was just barely big enough for him), and pushed the bar down. But as soon as the ride started to move his seat fell off! Although the seat was big enough for James, he weighed too much to ride our Ferris Wheel.

James felt terrible about breaking the Ferris Wheel seat off. He said he would fix it in no time. Indeed, James did fix it with a bit of help. "I think I'll just enjoy the food and entertainment from now on," James told us all with a laugh.

James has come back to our fair every year since then, but not to ride the Ferris Wheel. Last year he told us all he had made his own Ferris Wheel, one that would accommodate his size and his weight.