Watch out, it's the Thought Police!
They patrol inside your head.
If they think you're unconventional
They'll fill your brain with lead.

They choose your clothes
and what you eat and drink
They tell you when and where
and how to work and think

Watch out, it's the Thought Police!
They won't leave you alone.
They'll take away all that you know,
You'll have no mind of your own.

They choose watch you watch on telly
They tell you where to shop
They'll let you know when you may start
And when it's time to stop.

Watch out, it's the Thought Police!
Their rule is absolute.
You must believe all that they say
Whether or not it's the truth.

The Thought Police decide
How ev'ryone should look
The Thought Police will pile up
And burn any "radical" books

Watch out, it's the Thought Police
They've watched you since the womb
As soon as you start thinking free
They'll put you in your tomb.

Hide your ideas from the Thought Police
In the deep, dark recesses of your mind
Bury your notions from the Thought Police
Somewhere they'll never find.

Watch out, it's the Thought Police!
They've gone and caught you out.
There is no trial for your crimes
You'll be killed for having doubts.

Rise up against the Thought Police,
Though some of us may fall,
Fight for the freedom to think and speak,
They cannot kill us all.