You can't remember. Everything before this moment is black, and the present is not much better. It's almost completely dark, but as your eyes get use to the shadowy lighting, you begin to see you are completely alone. Completely. Alone. You are lost. No hope, no light – nothing. You're in a forest, but the trees have no leaves. The dark, twisted branches remind you of the life before, but you can not remember why. Twisted, twisted, branches. You shiver.

You walk forwards, looking around, desperately, looking for anything. A human would be nice, but why would any be here? Why are you here? A noise. You turn quickly. Three ravens stand before you, red eyes, narrowed. You back up, but there are more behind you. Red eyes, starring, starring at you. They're laughing, mocking you. You can't figure out how to escape, you're lost, so lost. They smile, showing shiny white teeth, razor sharp. Birds don't have teeth. You run.

There is wind in your hair, but no wind. You want to leave. But there are no exits. No ways out. The birds are laughing behind you. They aren't chasing you – you stop and turn around. They are where you left them, shaking their head, smiling. Laughing at you, their red eyes shining…"turn back. turn back." Birds don't talk. You scream.

There, up ahead. There's a sort of gate. The twisted branches make an arch over the narrow road on which you now realize you are walking upon. Looks almost like order in this strange, messed-up place. You walk towards it,

You're running now. Something's pulling you towards it. You suddenly stop. There's someone – a human being – sitting at the bottom of the arch. You walk slowly towards the being and open your mouth to say something, but the being looks up first. You scream, once more.