"HELP ME! Oh, please! Somebody help me!"I screamed as I was dragged into a damp, dark cavern by two masked things in dirty brown habits. The two kept walking along silently, carrying me quickly to Horror. Finally, we came upon a tall, raggedy pulpit. Ther was a skeleton standing behind it in a black robe with holes every few inches. It stood, and its eyes glowed a menacing red. "Reese Landon Lowry?"A voice boomed from that raggedy hooded cloak. "Help me!"I screamed. "Reese Landon Lowry, what is your story?" "WHAT??!" "How did you get to the cavern of death? "Huh?" "How did you die?" "I'm not de-"Before I could finish, the death judge silenced me. A bright light flashed and we were hovering over my girlfirend, Kit Madison. She was in the emergency room waiting area. Her hands covered her face and her body shook with the force of her sobs. Her golden hair was matted and messed up, and her clothes were torn. "KIT!"I yelled, reaching out to her. "Kit, please, come to me!" I was desperate. "She can't hear you. How did you die?"I'd forgotten about the death judge. I began my horrible story with cries, realizing that I was, indeed, dead. "It started about a year ago. I was under a lot of pressure to pick a college, and to finish out my senior year with fabulous grades. I met this guy...Juan. He was a rough-and-tumble kinda guy, but he understood what I was going through. He offered me free drugs. I took 'em," I paused, remembering. "It felt so good, the way they made me forget the pain and pressure. So I went back to Juan and bought more. I became one of his regulars. After awhile, I ran out of money. So I started stealing things. At first, only small amounts. Then it added up and up. But, after a few times, my dad caught me. He was really angry and he threw me out. I ran back to Juan. I told him I needed the stuff and that I'd pay him the next day. He said no and got really angry. When his back was turned, I grabbed some marijuana and ran back to my car. I started it and pulled out. But te act wasn't fast enough. Juan and his boys had already jumped into their van and were coming for me. I felt as if I had a bounty on my head. And I did-in Juan's terms. I was so scared. I sped off to the highway and got behind a semi truck. Juan and his boys were right behind me. Then they started the shooting. They shot out one of my back tires when I passed the semi. They got right behind me and bumped my car under the semi's bed. There was a really loud noise and sparks were flying around in a big mess of airborne glass, mangled metal, and screaming bullets. There was so much pain. I remember screaming as a piece of windshield tore into my stomach, and my right hand went through the bent-up door. My legs were jammed under the crumbling dash. The semi slowed and stopped. But it was too late. The hood of my car had been torn off and there was nothing to protect the engine. It exploded with a fierce roar. Metal flew into my face, neck, and shoulders. I screamed as I felt a jagged piece of burning metal fly trough the right side of my face. There was a big fire, but I didn't feel the heat or the flames burning me up. A few minutes later, I didn't even feel the pain. It was so intense, I became numb. But I never passed out. The paramedics arrived awhile later, after firefighters put the fire out. I didn't feel it as they sawed off my mangled legs. But I remember screaming into the steering wheel. One guy told me to lift my head, but I was paralyzed. They rushed me to the nearest hospital. By the time we got there, I felt as if I were out of it all. Like I was above myself, you know? I wasn't there any more. i guess you could call it an out-of-body experience, but it just scared the stuff outta me. Doctors shocked my chest, but I was gone. They pronounced me dead. I watched from above as my parents screamed and clutched my lifeless body. I yelled for them, but they didn't hear. I reached for them, but they didn't see. It was the most awful thing I ever had to see...until the doctor told them I had illegal drugs in my blood. He said that was the most likely reason to explain my accident. That I had lost control at the wheel. Then, I had to watch my parents back away from my body and hold each other and cry. Mother screamed it was her fault, and Dad cried that he should've paid more attention. that was th worst-- to have my family blame themselves." I thought that the picture would go away when I finished the terrible story, but it didn't. We were right there in that room, hovering over room as they slipped the mangled pieces into a bag with my body. Then, Kit came into the room. She couldn't recognize the unrecognizable face, but knew it was her love. She fell to her knees and screamed. She slipped the engagement ring, that I had given her, off her slender finger. She kissed it and slipped it into the bag beside my charred head. Then the bag was zipped up. I screamed,"NO!"