Perfect Disguise

by, Cassandra

"Yes, baby, you should be afraid of the dark.
(Things only get worse after this, you know.)
"You made me into this, so don't you dare turn a blind eye."
(The pain you caused is the most perfect disguise.)
"I don't get what you gain from this game you insisted to play."
(I win. You lose. I am the only one standing, after all.)
"Fear is the only thing to fear… isn't that what you told me, my dear?"
(Your logic seems far more abstract then even I could comprehend.)
"How we got to where we are doesn't make a lot of sense,"
(This road is long and winding, but the trip seemed to go by far too fast.)
"But you're the one holding the map, so don't you dare put the blame in my lap."
(No, darlin', I'm not mad. This is where I wanted to be, all along.)
"What is it that you really fear?"