Turn Off The Radio

By Jay McFadden

Parody of

Turn Up The Radio

(Parody #38)

That's enough!


It's not that hard to just hit mute.

It doesn't have to stay.

For just one minute don't be a jerk.

Why must you blair it all day?

Day in, day out, all week long.

Screamin's all that they clock.

"No more" I cry, but I get drowned.

It's really ticking me off.

Turn off the radio!

I hate this music, right to the core.

Turn off the radio!

Better re-seal it, send it back to the store.

Just listen!

My body aches. This stuff is trash.

Just turn it off. I want to sleep.

You really stink. You got no class.

Nobody's paid to think.

Daytime nightime, anytime.

Seems it's all that they've got.

Junk playin' twenty four hours a day.

Their brains seem to rot.

Turn off the radio.

Don't wanna hear it playing no more.

Turn off the radio.

Just wanna burn it and that's no medephore.

Turn off the radio.

I wanna see it go through a compactor.

(Instrumental Break)

Turn off the radio!

Can't stand that music, it makes me sore.


Turn off the radio!

Or else I just might smash it into the floor.


Turn off the radio!

(Right on!)

Why's it still playin'? Shoot it once more.


Turn off the radio!

(Turn it off!)

Don't ever play it, throw it right out the door.


Turn off the radio!

(Shut it off!)

Must you abuse it? My ears are torn.

(What is it for?)

Turn off the radio!

(Aww! come on.)

What is the meanin'? There just ain't any lore.

(Isn't that a shock?!)

Turn off the radio!

(Note: I am not talking about the song I used for this parody. I actually do like this song, so please no more ninjas on my lawn.)