One look from her and I could feel my heart melt

Stars live in her eyes

Of almonds

Roses color her cheeks

Of peaches

Blood painted on her lips

Of strawberry

And her smile

Oh, her smile

Like the gentle rays of light at dawn

Her laughter

Oh, her laughter

Like the chirping of the birds so cheerful

She lays her head on my lap

And I can see

The first bloom of spring on her face

Such color

Such life

She rest so peacefully

Her heartbeat so alive

As the river flowing rapidly

Her body glowing

Golden as the setting sun

Once I made her cry

How I regret

But even her tears

Gave me the feeling of awe

It was like the glistening dewdrops

I see each morning

Sunlight made her dewdrop tears

Turn into precious diamonds

Oh how I adore her

How I love to see her face

To feel her touch

To taste her kiss

Oh how I love her

How she makes me feel glad

My heart couldn't ask for more

But to be with her

To spent with her

The rest of my life