We Change

Disclaimer- It's my story, idea, characters and thoughts. So please bear with me.

Summery- After a street race, Indigo runs into a old friend, who only wants what he wants oblivious to her feelings, and to her family.

A/N- for some reason I have this really tight feeling in my stomach about something intense so ive based this story off of my feeling about my problems but changed the names and settings, including age and surroundings and things they do.

We Change

Chapter one- Feelings don't just leave

I could feel the pull, the thrill as I flew around the corner on a slant. My car roared as I ripped though the floors of the building, colours blending together. The feeling as I shifted through the gears, as the car became on with me. I could see the opponent right there about 10 meters away, I hit the noz flying past him over the finish line in 5 seconds flat slamming on the breaks. The car came to a complete stop the crowd everywhere as I stepped out, my short dark purple hair and green eyes shimmered under the Tokyo lights. My name Indigo, I got it from the colour of my car, the colours blend so easily with the darker purple flames up the side. I stood in black cargo pants and a black tank, my black racing gloves with an I in purple in the center on the top custom made by my partner Nimina. I quickly pulled my hair up into a bun, and walked to Nimi with a calm glance, her long blond hair held up in pigtails flowing down to her very cute ass, strands falling in her face, ending about chin length. She gazed up at me with blue eyes from her perch on the blue car we had built together. She leaned back on the hood her black skirt ended about mid thigh showing off her pink thong when she bent, the top was short sleeved but tied up just below her chest showing off her flat stomach and porcelain skin. I leaned in between her legs wraping my arms around her waist, my lips met her throat in a instant, heating the cold skin.

"Indi, you know I have work to do right" Nimina's voice crept over the sucking in my ears, I just smiled on her skin. I pulled back sliding her down the car twords me her skin hitting the tiny bit exposed where my tank didn't cover my flat belly. Well semi flat there was an extremely hot tiny amount of fat right below my nave witch had a purple gem hanging form a silver chain in it. My lips found hers, feeling them replay on my move, my hands found there way to her inner thigh where she wasn't so cold. "Indi, not hear" her breath hit my ear with a hint of heat, I blew on the skin that my lips had been on and pulled back with a smile.

"How did I do" my voice came out in a plain emotionless tone as Nimi slid from the car and grabbed the laptop she had discarded when I approached her.

"Well, you won, your turbo did ok but you overheated really major, your noz is shot and well on that last drift you probably almost totaled it, but how about we take a look shall we." Nimi walked to my car and unlatched the hood, steam came flowing off it as soon as she lifted the top and locked it in place. Nimi turned with a jump, her kiddy features coming into play, Nimi and I had been working together when we met up again. She was the mechanic and I was the design and paint organizer, she was freaking about someone telling her she didn't know how to do the job, and I walked over and handled it she's been my racing partner ever since, and my best friend since high school, we lost contact when I moved to Tokyo so seeing her there was crazy luck, then again she always said we were connected.

"So, are you just going to jump around or are you going to fix it?" I stated leaning up against her car, her smile grew like I had just given a five year old a huge lolly-pop. The one thing she really loved was to fix my car, no matter what I did to it, she got right in there fixing things. Nimi pulled her phone out and called Moira, telling her to bring out her tools and a cooling component.

"Hey… Indi" I turned my head to see Chris, her shoulder length black hair with new blue streaks all through it, her short black dress hung smoothly on her muscular form. Her green eyes shimmered as she reached me, placing a kiss on my cheek, Chris turned and looked at Nimi who was bent over her very lace less ass showing.

"Dam… best seat around" she smiled and walked over to help, slapping Nimi's ass as she bent over the hood to look. The crowd still circled us, cheering and yelling, Moira's car pulled up leaving the crowd moving fairly fast she didn't stop for anyone. Especially if it was Nimi she was running around for, she stepped out her brown hair held up in a neat bun with black stick coming out of it. She stood in a black strapless top and a short black shirt, her black rimmed glasses gleamed in the light as she opened the trunk. Chris went and helped her pull out the tools and cooling system, Nimi turned and smiled, her tiny form coming twords me with a small smile. Nimi pressed a hard kiss to my lips as her hands traveled up my shirt feeling my back, her skin flaring.

"You know, I love you but, don't temp me with this car of your, cuz the need of you and it in the same sentence means sex in the back" Nimi smiled pulling back from my ear, sliding her hands to my sides.

"Well I guess you'll have to work fast then" she smiled again and went back to work, her frail form flying about doing this and that, Chris right in there with her. Moira came and leaned up against the car with me, she always had that touch with everyone, she made them feel safe.

"So, have you been paid yet" her voice trailed as she placed the glasses on top of her head, her arms crossed.

"No, im still waiting for them to come"

"How much did you win" Moira said with a smile, see for some reason everyone thought that I was the best and every time I took someone on, I won.

"10 grand, He wanted pink slips but I said no"

"Indigo, here's the money" Stock's said throwing it over, Moi caught it with a smile. He turned to walk away but turned back. "For the record, you race pretty good, for a girl"

"Yea whatever" we just smiled our whole racing team was girls, from the mechanics to the girls that look hot. After a while the crowd died down to some extent and Moi went to get us chocolate, I sat on the ground in front of my car, with Nimi in my legs Chris sat across from us and some of our usuals sat around. Some newbie's asked about my car and driving, I told most of them that if it weren't for my crew I would be so out they all smiled and talked with everyone equally.

"Your Indigo, the famous drift in this area, now tell me how does one go about making a drift out of someone like you" his voice sent shivers up my body and froze my blood, I looked up meting his dark eyes and silver hair hanging in his face down to his chin. His tight black pants and tight black tank, clung to his very perfect form, Nimi tensed up and glared at him.

"Rink" my voice laced itself with hatred, after he hurt me in high school, Nimi told him to stop hurting me and just go, she was tired of seeing me cry over guys like him and that she was the only one to pick up the pieces and fix me.

"What are you doing hear Rink I told you never to come near her again, she belongs to me, and I wont have you laying a hand on her clean body. Not one that ive spent so long to fix and make better, not ever will you touch her again.

"Only hear to see whats she's become without me, and I can see that you've changed a lot to, but you two always were to close for comfort and I never should have tried to do something better for her. She had you all along, to do things she wouldn't let me"

"Good thing, cuz had she, she still be dieing over you" Nimi stood and walked off her anger flaring making her skin hot and aura stained. I sat there my head hung down, I felt sick like something had been ripped from inside me, again.

Rink stood and walked off in the rain that started to pour, I kissed Nimi and told her I was going home and that I'd see her tomorrow. I sat in the car and drove off drifting around the corner I knew rink went down. I stopped at the sidewalk turning the car off, he stood there leaning against the wall his hair held down by water. I got out and walked to him, shoving his arms against the wall, my anger was flaring red hot, I wanted to kill him right there, I had people that would take care of the body.

"Who the Hell do you Think you Are!!!!" my yelling echoed in the silent street, the music form the race still drifted from the blocks away. "To Fucking come back hear and do that, Rip me apart again, to fucking scold me Rink" the tears poured down my face shielded by the rain. "Why would you do that" I pulled his arms back and threw them against the wall again. His lips pressed into mine with a shocking cold, the feeling of being with one of his power. My arms fell, mind died, as his arms encircled me, gripping with deathly evil plans. His aura slipped through, flooding my mind, making it yell and scream, wanting it to stop. His teeth bit through my bottom lip causing free flowing warm metallic to flow into my mouth, shock over took me as I pulled back, my mind racing against time.

"How long do you think its been since you've smelt blood like mine, or tasted it, or even your own, Star, your nothing compared to what you were, you got off doing things that involved biting and blood and things like that, now you just some street racer that fuckes her best friend for the fun of it" my hand hit him in the chest.

"You don't know anything, did you think that you could just show up and take me back, I have a life and a family… I don't want you, not ever. When you started doing to me what you did to Nimi I could see it, I could feel your lies through the phone and hear you name everywhere. She was always talking to you, I felt alone and unwanted, I felt lost, you told me once you wouldn't do what Darien did, that you wanted him to have his ass kicked for what he had done to me. You hurt me more than he could have ever, I loved you, and you killed me, when Nimi said that she didn't say it from me, she was mad, but when you Said then this is Goodbye… it felt like someone ripped my heart from my chest tore it into a million pieces and then completely burned that hole in me, Nimi did her best to fix it but she couldn't"

"Then come back to me, be with me" he began to slide his hands around my sides, his skin touching my own.

"No" I pushed him away from me and stood by my car, my face firmly in a glare.

"Why, Star, if you really love me…."

"I don't, I have Twins and a loving husband at home, I wouldn't give anything for my life now"

"And Nimi? She's just a fuck buddy on the side?" his voice laced with venom.

"He knows about me and her, hell he watches now and then along with her husband, you see they knew that to get us they had to be ok with our outputs, she keeps me stable as does my love, im leaving now, don't ever show your face around my races again, WE are done for good" I got in my car and drove, no stop until I couldn't drive anymore.

I pushed my keys in the door and opened it, the TV was playing and the lights in the kitchen were on. Natalie and Caleb jumped on me as I came through the door, their Black hair and brown eyes shimmered with excitement.

"Did you win mommy?" Nat's voice stated with happiness.

"Yes" I replied with that motherly voice that I knew so well, I stood picking Nat up and holding Caleb's hand walking to the kitchen, Nat was in a pink nightgown and Caleb in a blue outfit. Darien stood over the sink washing the pots, his black hair hung in his face waving over his eyes, they looked up at me when I came through the door shimmering brown with gleams of smiles. He dried his hands and walked over placing a chase kiss on my lips, his chest was bear muscles showing and low hanging black pants.

"Why are you guys still up, humm I think I told you that when im racing you go to bed at 9 am I right" I smiled and sat down at the table.

"Yea but daddy said we could stay up till you got home he didn't know that you would be so late" Natalie smiled at her answer.

"Well this mommy think that you should go to bed, daddy will you take them to bed please"

"Yea, come on guys" Nat and Caleb kissed me and then went with Darien, I got up and grabbed the rum from the cupboard above the sink pouring one half of the glass full. I shook while I turned the tap to get hot water, splashing it on my face, to hide my feelings from my kids was bad and hard.

"Baby, you know that they really wa……" he stopped at the kitchen door until I went to the drink, he grabbed it from me grabbing my waist. The look he gave me sent shivers up my spine, his eyes showed his worry. "What happened, why are you drinking" is voice stated as he place the glass on the counter.

"Nothing" my body shook, I felt dirty, sick I just wanted it all to go away.

"You're lying Star, Nimi stopped the drinking a long time ago, you only drink if it's for fun, you're shaking and crying, what happened" he pulled me over to the chair sitting me in his lap, he was stronger then me and about 3 inches taller.

"Rink came back……" my tears flowed down my cheeks as I held onto him.

"And he did what" Darien brushed some of the hair from my face and pulled my hair out so that it fell from the bun.

"He kissed me… his hands…Dare I feel dirty, I want it off" Dare's look changed all together, his hands in my hair gently rubbing at my head.

"Did he…… did he rape you" his voice whispered trying to keep it calm.

"No, he touched me… I got out before anything could happen… he made me bleed Dare… he touched me and I just want it gone"

"Where" his voice held authority as I pulled his hands down from my face, rubbing them on my sides, along the skin. He kissed me, his hands finding there way up my shirt his tongue ran over the blood opening it again. He sucked on it my panting, while he did so, I slid my tongue to meet his the taste of Iron and his taste mix gave me something more. We stood, his body holding mine, his breath on my ear with labored breathing. "Shall we… wash it off" my body screamed with want, I just shook my head as he pulled us down the hall to the bathroom, closing the door. I could feel my body pressed against the cold wall, as his kisses traveled down my neck, his hands ran up my sides, the top going over my head.

We stood in the shower, water running over our skin as he made me his over and over, made me clean, made me better. Our skin melted together, as I felt whole every time he hit the sweet spot to take me over the edge.

We laid in bed my head on Darien's chest, the love of my life and the one who left. I knew that no mater what Nothing was going to come between me and my family, if I had to, I would get rid of Rink for good, but for now I was happy in Darien's arms kissing his chest.

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