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Listen to the situation here!

Man, oh man!

If only there was a law that said guys couldnt brak up with their friends.

She sighed and turned around in the bed. It was the fourth time that week that she couldnt sleep.

She was restless, to simplifye it.

And she knew who the source was, too.

Oh, man, oh man!

Men! In all sizes and ages were just a big, stupid curse on this planet she called Earth!

Well, the person that made her restless wasn't exactly a 'man' persey. He was a guy.

A young man.

Either way, she hated the effect he had on her!

She sighed and cried out shortly before turning around and burying her face in her pillow.

How ironic was this? She had had a thing for older guys since she was fourteen.

Her first boyfriend had been seven years older than her.

And it had went on from there.

And when she had just grown out of the cute-little-girl thing, she fell for the most unexpected guy in the world. None other than her close friend.

Who just happened to be younger than her!

Why her? Why him? Why not some other friend who was at least her age!

He was fifteen when it happened. The next day, he turned sixteen, but still.

She was seventeen.

Heck, she was still seventeen.

And she had a boyfriend! She had a boyfriend that day, even!

She growled on the inside as she remembered every word and every movement that evening.

' "What do you want from me?" '

"And here I thought you were smart."

She had acted without shame. No shame at all.

' "Are you trying to get my pants off?"

"Am I that obvious?" '

Damn, she had acted like a cat in heat.

That was their thing. Comparing her with a cat all the time.

Mostly because she was such a winx.

She turned her head and glared at her wall. As if it was to blame for her rotten mood.

Her eyes got all watery as the memory forced itself back to her.

' He stared down at her and she smirked before she leaned closer with her back against his arm.

"I bet you just talk big." she said, teasingly.

He smirked, just as mischevious as her.

"Oh, is that so? You think that I can't just put my hand down your shirt and touch them?"

She bit her lower lip as she thought this through. Then, she smiled and a little wrinkle appeared on her nose.

"I dare you." she said quietly, almost in a whisper.

She hadn't prepared for what he did next, she had just been teasing. As allways.

He simply let his right hand sneak down the top of her shirt and surround one of her breasts.

He could see her eyes widen slightly in surprise before a light, red color spread on her cheeks.

They looked into eachothers eyes for a few seconds before she put her hand on top of his, above the shirt.

They remained like this for a couple of more seconds before he removed his hand and she sat back up with her back against the wall.

"I wonder id I can set my tv on fire." he mumbled. '

Such a glorious day. Such a perfect moment.

She had been like a virgin little girl again. But she sure hadn't been acting like one.

She remembered what he'd said.

' "You wanna do it? Cause if you do, we can. Right now." '

He had been so forward about it.

About thirty minutes later, he told her about this girl that he liked. A girl that he wanted to hook up with. How sad was that?

He had no touch of emotions whatsoever.

How annoying.

And even later on, she had been told that he had said that he hadn't slept with her because he was allready hooked up with that girl. A - something.

It pissed her off.

After he'd been so sweet to her, telling her it was okay for her to want him.

' "I want you, too. But I can't be sure if you're serious or not about this." '

Serious schmerious, she had practically been begging!

How could he not have seen that?

I mean when a cute girl - she considered herself cute even though other guys had told her she was hot - is gently massaging you through your pants and sucking on your finger that directly means what, children?

Answer: She want's you, asshole!!!

And she had been doing those things.

She had first tried getting into his pants. He had refused and placed himself with his belly against the bed.

She had seductevly told him that nothing was to be embarrassed about if they were both under the cover.

He had agreed to that and they were turned to eachother, bodies hidden under the cover.

Their fully clothed bodies. Man, had it been hot in there.

She had gently let her right foot sneak up his leg til she hit the crotch. There, she had slowly tickled him and his gasps and whimperes told her that it was the right spot.

' "Whoa! Ahh!"

"Oh god, I'm sorry. Did I hurt you?"

"No. God, no. It feels good." '

He had done the same sounds several times and everytime, they shocked her to death and she apologised and asked if she'd hurt him. And he repeatedly told her that no, it didn't hurt. God knew it didn't hurt.

She drew him crazy.

She leaned in once and whispered in his ear.

' "Take off your pants..."

"You take off your shirt and I'll take off my pants."

She smirked and shook her head.


He smirked, also.

"Then you're not getting my pants off, sweetie..." '

How mean. She had tried compromizing by taking her brah off under the shirt, but he wouldn't budge.

No sir, no bare breasts - no pants off.

She was determined to get them off, though.

She pleaded to him with her eyes.

And with her tounge.

She shamelessely took one of his hands and gently sucked on one of the fingers.

He went like Thumpy and had his foot hit the wall several times in a row.

' "Oh, god."

"What? I'm not doing anything."

"It's not what you're doing, it's what you could be doing..." '

She actually made herself whisper "Please" a few times.

But he wouldnt hear of it.

Finally, she simply turned away from him and hid her face in his pillow.

He stepped out of the bed and walked over to his desk.

After a couple of scilent minutes of trying to lit the desk on fire - with no result - he got uncomfortable with the silence.

It was never quiet with her around. So when she was quiet, it meant something was wrong.

' "What's the matter?"

"How can you even ask that after what I did?" she muttered, her face still hidden.

He tilted his head slightly.

"But you didn't do anything wrong, sweetie."

She growled and he sat up straight as she turned her face out to the room, without looking

at him once.

"Im ashamed." she said.

He smiled.

"You shouldn't be. Why are you ashamed?"

"Because I just made a fool of myself. I practically begged you to take me and you didn't."

He cuckled and that made her shyly glance at him with her cheeks red.

"I don't think you made a fool of yourself."

She turned away from him and faced the wall instead.

"You must think I'm such a tramp right now. Doing all those things to get you to take me."

His smile was - warm maybe - teasing as he stood up.

"I don't think you're a tramp of any kind."

"But I-"

He interrupted her.

"But nothing. I know that you would never do anuthing like that unless you really wanted to. And I must say I'm quite flattered."

Finally, she turned to face him.

"Yeah, but you didn't want me..."

He sat down on the bed.

"Trust me on this one. I do want you. But as I said, I fear that you're gonna back out when things get too hot for you."

She knew he was right. But she would never admit to it.

She simply put her smile back on as she lifted the cover up, giving him a free-view into her bare breasts under the shirt.

"Then come lie down next to me again..."

He bursted into laughter and shook his head.

"You never give up, do you?"

She smiled as he got comfortable next to her, on his belly.

"No, I guess I don't." '

What a whore-like behaviour.

When she walked out of his house, she still had her brah in her bag and she thought she'd put it on on the bus-stop because there was no cars around and no other passengers waiting for the bus.

How wrong she had been.

Her ticked expired at seven and it was long passed eight.

So she simply had to turn back, knock on the door and face him as he opened it.

' He glared teasingly at her.

"What do you want? Did you forget something?"

She put her hands in her sides and glared right back at him, putting her tounge out at him.

"It just so happens that somebody - no names mentioned - cept me here for so long that my bus-ticket has expired. I would appreciate a ride home."

He actually blushed at her words, knowing that his younger sister was sitting in the kitchen and able to hear every word.

"Come on in, we'll wait for my mom. Maybe she can take you home."

As they sat by the kitchen table, staring at eachother, an uncomfortable silence grew around them.

What would they say with the younger girl sitting with them. She knew nothing of what had happened in her big brother's room and he was praying to allmighty powers that his sp called friend wouldnt open her big mouth and tell her all about it.

Finally, the mother came back home from walking the dog and he asked if she could srive her home.

"Oh, dear. If only you would have told me earlier. I've had a glas of wine."

The little sister jumped up and down in her seat.

"Hey! My brother can drive you on his bike. He's an exelent driver."

She looked at him and they could all see in her face that she wasn't so sure of that.

Who trusts someone who just got his license to drive them all the way home? Not her, that was for sure.

But somehow, they managed to convince her that nothing bad would happen and she was given a white helmet to put on her head.

"This is ugly. Can't I have yours?"

"No, you can't. Now, put it on."

She made a small whining sound.

"I don't wanna put it on. I'd rather ride without."

He hissed at her, as if preparing to give her a lecture about road safety.

"Now listen to me, young lady. If you want me to give you a ride, you'll have to do what I say."

She smirked, never serious.

"Well, I wouldn't want to miss you giving me a ride."

She knew that he'd know exactly what she meant and he did, too. But apparently, he wasn't in the mood for her sexual jokes. Or rather, her sexual non-jokes.

"Allways have an answer to everything, do you? Now put the damn thing on, it will protect you if something goes wrong."

She got pale.

"What do you mean 'if something goes wrong'? I thought you said you were an exelent driver."

He sighed, remembering that under the tough-girl-act, she was really font of herself. She was actually scared that something would go wrong.

Dammit, if he didn't feel a little attrackted to her right now. She was standing there with the ugly, white helmet in her hand, staring at the motorcyckle with her shirt showing off her nipples, that just happened to be hard cause of the cold breeze. And with her cheeks all red and her eyes unsure of what she should do.

She was probably trying to figure out how long it would take her to just walk home.

It was so big for a bike.

"Calm down, sweetie. Nothing will go wrong. All you have to do is put your feet on these pedals here and lean when I do. Not that hard. Okay?"

She swallowed her protests and nodded.

"Alright then. Get on. I can assure you, this will be the ride of your life."

He gave her a chance there. A chance to imply something, but she didn't take it. She simply nodded and put the helmet on.

Poor thing, she must be really scared. '

He had been right, though.

It had been the ride of her life. He dodn't go that fast, barely as slow as what was permitted, but when there was nothing but a straight line in front of them, he accelerated and stepped on it.

He definitly noticed when she got scared because her hands clinged on extra tightly around his waist. And he also noticed when she was completely confident because she let her hands rest on his legs.

As he stopped outside her house, she had been looking wilder than ever. Her hair a mess, her cheeks red from deadly excitement and her eyes telling him all sorts of things.

She had hugged him tighly and kissed him on the lips.

She had asked if he wanted to frenchen it up, but he said no. Probably unsure of what he would do if he liked it.

And also unsure if her father really was out of town because they were prectically standing outside of their windows.

She had waited for him to get back on and riding away before she walked inside.

All excited and happy.

The next night, came the heartache.

At first he had told her via the computer that he liked that girl - still A - something - a lot.

She had asked him straight out if he liked her more.

His answer had devistated her.


They had been friends for four years and then his little sister brings home a friend a couple of months earlier and he thinks they know eachother more!

She had put several guys - and a girl too for that matter - through heartache. Simply by not liking them the way they liked her.

She hadn't thought it was that big of a deal.

Until now.

Now, she knew how much it must have hurt.

She knew what kind of pain they had been through.

Oh, man she knew.

You tell me. What side are you on now?

Who did right and who did wrong?

Tell me, I am desperate to know.

Cause the girl in this story might be closer than you think.

The girl in this story might be someone you know.

Allthoug, I think you've figured it out.

I think you allready know who the girl is.

Do you?


- Tell me what you learned from this story. Tell me what you think the girl should do. Or what you think the boy should do. Wich one did wrong and wich one did right? I would like to know.

Wouldn't you? -

// The White Angel of Darkness