Your remain the key to my demise
The poison that will stop my breath
There, see in that dark little corner?

An accessory in murder,
The keeper of my death
Fall a little deeper, just a bit further…

We're tumbling into the oblivion, singing
"Good night moon, good night…"

Drunk off the very essence of short-lived peace and
Unconditional love;
The solace that the night offers tugs
At the sleeve of my shirt
While the psycho in my mind says 'no one will have to know….'

Yes, that girl you were with,
The one with the fragile hands,
She would be so easy to take

She sleeps, soft as a baby,
And I could end it for her
Before you end for me.
(When I am gone, who will you have
to love you?)

The gun was pointed somewhere and went off
(Who knew it would be that loud?)
While I'm tumbling, tumbling
Singing "Good night moon, good night..."