how to read poetry

it's an exaggerated conversation
balloon trapped in the fog above
your brain, holding thoughts
of dogs in talking cars or talking
dogs in cars, something so fierce
like vaccination shots – pricked
deep into soft matter, released,
sighing relief. can you hear
me now, big man? is your dog
barking too loud for my words
to mean the world to you? fuck
suvs and their gas guzzling
driving fiend owners, just listen
to what i have to say, you dog
owning man. sometimes lines
don't collide, like these, yet
meaning is derived, seamless.
and yet, you insist on pissing
rivers of nonsensical bullshit,
blabbered sentences about how
you just don't understand, these
streams of consciousness dizzy
your mind. not everyone can see
what i choose to speak, i know,
but your head should be able to
at least comprehend the basic
equations i'm attempting to teach:
words are beautiful, even more
when put together in unexpected
combinations. learn that and see
the possibilties open up to you.