This was written in my sophomore year. Wow...Two years. Eek. lol. Enjoy..? dxD Don't be too critical, even though it is all over the place...I was in a bit of a confused and befuddled stage as I came out of my depression. There IS a reason why I'm not a poet, as you can see here lol.

Don't Leave Me Hanging

One day I looked up at the clouds
And began thinkin' of all we've been through…
How we were so different and yet so good together.
How we had a good thing goin' for us…
And how you broke my heart.
How when I said, "Let's be friends," you just let me walk away…

You used to say "Don't put too much into this…we won't last,"
But other times you'd say "You'll always be my baby girl,& I'll never let you leave,"
It makes me wonder...
How could you let me go so easily?
And then act as though I meant nothin' to you?

Now you won't even look at me,
Talk to me, or even acknowledge my existence…
Well, I never got to say what I needed to say:

The time I let you go, I wasn't ready for it,
And I wanted to see if you really cared as much as you said you did.
I guess you didn't care enough to make me turn around and stay.

Look, I know you don't love me and anymore, and you probably never did,
Nor do I ever want you to lie to me and say you did…
And what I felt for you then couldn't have been love...
We were too young…
And I don't love you now…
It just hurts to look back at our memories,
And it hurts to see the fun we had,

But what hurts the most…
Is realizing how much you don't care about me anymore.
But no matter how easily I am erased from your brain,
Or scratched out of your memory…
You're forever etched into my heart.
No matter how much I try,
I can't forget you, or all that we've been through.

Please don't leave me hangin' here,
On nothing but memories and confusion
Of what used to be and what could have been...
Cuz I don't want it, and I don't need it.
All I need is closure from you on what was something that
You once said "could never be forever."

All that you seem to forget, I will always remember.
You can drift farther and farther away from me like you always do,
But I'll always be waitin' here…
Until you finally give me the chance to finish what we started to end.