the canal stretches across the city skyline
& the limestone buildings blur the clouds
that dot the sky barely touching the atmosphere
& the water sun soaked burning the bridges
lapping close to the narrow sticks that
throw off the balance of tranquility

it's a wonder that the musicians
skip through this town – skip through nature
nature is sacrificed at the cost of technology
does the music dare disturb the universe?
the noise pollution fracturing the fragile
peace that spreads across the ghost town

this city was made for us? as suburbia pushes farther
& farmland becomes houses – can nature
sacrifice anymore at the expense of development?
can we breathe on our own without the fields
of trees threatened by a growing city?
do we dare disturb the universe?

a/n: a landscape poem about Ottawa – the capital city of Canada. the whole nature vs. technology seems like a pressing issue.